Stella Mccartney's new line ''can do it all''.

The 48-year-old designer has created Stellawear, a new range that merges her swimwear and lingerie collections, and Stella has explained her distinctive approach to the line.

She shared: ''I wanted to create a new collection that was both multi-functional and kind to the planet.

''I was looking for something that sculpted my body in all the right places, but that I could also work out in or wear as outerwear, that I could wear with jeans, run into the pool, and then dry super quickly to head off to lunch.''

The new range has been created using recycled nylon and is the designer's most eco-friendly of her career.

Speaking about her approach, she told Vogue magazine: ''It was important to me to design something that was made to last and inspires people to buy less and wear more.

''We tested the products in chlorine and saltwater, and designed them to be versatile in how they are worn and styled.''

Earlier this year, Stella claimed the time had come to ''scream and shout'' about sustainability.

The acclaimed designer argued there is now an ''urgency for change''.

She said: ''Challenging and questioning things has been drilled into me since I was a kid.

''Over the years I have sat back, quietly working on my sustainability projects in the background. But now, more than ever, there is an urgency for change. If we have to scream and shout to achieve it, then we need to do that to drive action.''