Stella Mccartney will design the official Team GB kit for the Brazil Olympics.

The 42-year-old fashion designer is set to collaborate with sports brand Adidas to create the range of activewear that will be sported by Britain's top athletes as they compete in the 2016 games in Rio de Janeiro.

Stella - who also created the Lycra-heavy outfits for London's games two years ago - is excited to take on the project again and will rope in her close celebrity pals Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss to help celebrate the launch of the collection at the end of next year.

A source told The Daily Express: ''Stella was thrilled to be approached once again and said yes straight away. She is a big supporter of strong women, and wants to make the female athletes' kit feminine yet dynamic.

''However, she is not a fan of red, so despite the colour being a prominent feature of the Union Jack, it is unlikely to feature in any of her designs.''

The insider added that Stella is planning to make Olympic bronze medal-winning diver Tom Daley's swimming trunks smaller than ever before.

They explained: ''Once again she's been told to make Tom Daley's diving trunks super-tiny, which is an actual requirement rather than born out of any weird fetish.''