Stella Mccartney wants to use other retailer's waste to make clothes.

The 49-year-old fashion designer - the daughter of Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney - recently launched a sustainable collection made from what was left from previous seasons and is now looking to collect leftover materials from other fashion brand's to create future pieces.

She told Vogue: “A lot of these pieces are limited edition because when we run out, we run out. I don’t care if I’m cutting off my nose to spite my face, I’m going to save the bloody planet. We’ve got to find other people’s waste."

Stella recently launched her pre-fall 2021 collection which includes recycled fleece, fusions between lingerie and swimwear known as Stellawear and new recyclable chains on her vegan Falabella bags.

She noted: “That’s 400,000 cows that haven’t been killed. When you start putting things into how much ocean plastic you’ve used, or how much rainforest you haven’t cut down, or how much water you haven’t used, it’s kind of amazing.”

Stella released an A-Z manifesto last year that sets out the label's new guidelines and principles and explains that the fashion house is working towards an environmentally-friendly company with zero waste and upcycyling materials. Each letter has been inspired by a global artist, from her close friends Jeff Koons and William Eggleston to her own mother, Linda Mccartney. She explained: “A for Accountable, C for Conscious, O for Organic, V for Vegan.”

She said: “During lockdown, I put into words what defines what we love, know and believe about fashion – an A to Z of Stella McCartney. It became a guiding alphabet to hold ourselves accountable for our values, what we do and where we want to go, while always producing the most desirable and sustainable fashion that can be cherished forever. In short, this manifesto reflects who we are, and who we hope to be.”