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19th November 2014

Fact: Newlyweds George and Amal Clooney enjoyed a fashionable double dinner date with designer Stella Mccartney and her husband Alasdhair Willis on Tuesday night (18Nov14). The well-dressed quartet enjoyed a meal at The River Cafe in London. MCCartney created much of human rights lawyer Amal's travelling wardrobe for her September (14) wedding in Venice, Italy.

13th September 2013

Fact: Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella Mccartney recently hosted a star-studded "English garden party" in The Hamptons, New York, to launch their new fashion collaboration. The designer's dad Sir Paul McCartney, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz, Paltrow's husband Chris Martin and mum Blythe Danner were among the guests celebrating the new Stella MCCartney x Goop collection, which is available on the actress' website.

24th June 2013

Quote: "I love getting interviewed by somebody who actually knows what it's like. Shall we get a drink after this and, like, for maybe a week just talk about it...? Let's have therapy together. I can help you, you can help me." Fashion designer Stella Mccartney enjoyed her recent Tv interview with Rock Center contributor Chelsea Clinton.

23rd June 2013

Quote: "It can cost up to 70 per cent more to make a pair of our shoes because we don't use fish glue or horse glue." Stella Mccartney on the high price of her cruelty-free fashions.

20th November 2012

Quote: "I've known her since I was 20. I met her in London when I was starting out, and I had no idea who she was... One night we were joking about a guy we knew from Liverpool, and she said, 'That's so on the mark because, you know, my dad is from there.' I said, 'Your dad's from Liverpool?' I had no idea. She's totally unassuming. I was clueless." Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones was unaware her designer pal Stella Mccartney was the daughter of Beatles legend Paul McCartney.

7th November 2010

Quote: "By default the kids are involved. They are the most important things in my life and in my brain at all times. I am always aware of their likes and dislikes. But I try to think beyond my own personal experience." Pregnant designer Stella Mccartney's creations are inspired by her own children.

18th September 2010

Fact: Soccer ace David Beckham has hired Stella Mccartney's husband ALASDHAIR WILLIS as his new creative consultant in a bid to overhaul his image.

24th February 2010

Fact: Former supermodel Twiggy has been unveiled as the face of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)'s new ad campaign, 'If You Wouldn't Wear Your Dog, Please Don't Wear Any Fur'. The veteran star follows in the footsteps of Eva Mendes and Stella Mccartney, who have previously featured in PETA promos.

10th November 2009

Fact: Music mogul Simon Cowell, pop stars Lily Allen and Dizzee Rascal, and fashion designer Stella Mccartney are among the most influential celebrities in London, according to the Evening Standard newspaper's annual list of the U.K. capital's most powerful people.

2nd October 2009

Fact: Stella Mccartney has shrugged off the global economic downturn - her fashion line posted profits of $2.7 million (£1.8 million) last year (08), up 70 per cent on the previous 12 months.

16th August 2008

Quote: "My most memorable moment? When Madonna walked down the aisle in my dress. She's fit as hell, foxy and she knows her body." Stella Mccartney on her pal MADONNA.

29th June 2006

Quote: "This is the perfect opportunity to nick (steal) clothes." Rocker Chrissie Hynde's good work comes undone at an animal rights gala held at Stella Mccartney's London boutique last night (28JUN06).

29th June 2006

Quote: "There's a good side and a naughty side of PETA people. I'm on the bad side." Fashion designer and animal rights campaigner Stella Mccartney worries she doesn't do enough work as a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ambassador.

4th October 2005

Quote: <p>"Some people are born with a natural sense of style, and some have to work harder." Fashion designer Stella Mccartney muses about her profession. </p>

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