Stephanie Pratt's style evolves like ''a chameleon''.

The 29-year-old TV personality compared her fashion sense to the species of lizard with the ability to change colours because being in 'The Hills' and 'Made in Chelsea' has made her divide her time between Los Angeles and London.

She said: ''My style is always evolving - I'm like a chameleon, depending on where I am. In London, I try to be really British - things like smart pants, skirts, button-down blouses. I try to dress more mature and classy. But in LA, I wear denim cut-offs and layers of turquoise and beaded jewelry. It's about where I am - I'm so inspired by different locations.''

But the blonde beauty insisted it's important she looks natural regardless of where she is.

She said: ''I don't follow too many fashion rules. Really, just dress for your body. Also your undergarments are important. And don't have an outfit look like it's all been deliberately put together, even if it has.''

Meanwhile, Stephanie has launched a fashion collection with Missy Empire and revealed how the collaboration came about.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: ''I saw photos on social media and I wanted to wear one of their dresses for a movie premiere, so I asked if there was any way I could get some and next thing I knew they asked me if I wanted to go to Manchester and see the factory. So I got on the train and I was just blown away by everything and by how everyone that works there loves what they do. They asked me if I would want to do a collection and I was like, 'Oh my God, absolutely!'''