Stephen Colbert’s political satire might be top notch, but his dance skills are not to be overestimated. Last night, the Colbert Report host strapped on a pair of roller skates and boogied down to the sound of 'Get Lucky' – the Daft Punk/Pharrell Williams hit that’s become the inescapable soundtrack to this summer. The, um, energetic performance served as the kickoff for Colbert’s summer series of concerts or “StePhest Colbchella ‘013” – it’s what the cool kids call it.

Stephen Colbert, Tribeca Film Fest
Who knew Colbert posessed such hidden talents?

But, of course, the host dancing all by himself would have been a bit sad, so instead he brought in some friends – Hugh Laurie, Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and even Colbert’s former colleague, Jon Stewart – still on leave from The Daily Show – joined in with some tight moves. Colbert’s moves turned out to be too much for the Colbert Report studio, so the shenanigans infiltrated the America’s Got Talent stage and even an interview with Bryan Cranston and the rest of the Breaking Bad cast – at which point Cranston simply joined in for an amazing 70s themed dance routine. We couldn’t do it justice. Just watch the video:

The Colbert Report
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Not that anyone could tell, but the entire segment apparently came out of necessity. Last night’s show was supposed to see the Frenchmen from Daft Punk perform on The Colbert Report in the flesh. Unfortunately, due to a scheduling conflict with the mighty forces at Viacom (the duo were scheduled to perform at the VMAs) the gig on Colbert’s show was cancelled. Well, it turns out he didn’t need them anyway.

Daft Punk, Hyde Park
The robots were missed. But not that much.