Can't make sense of the latest fued to hit Hollywood? Well, never fear, as Stephen Colbert is here to explain the Bloom vs Bieber fight for all us onlookers. In a send-up of the most ridiculous piece of news to hit the headlines this week, Colbert satirizes the world's bizaarre obsession with celebrities airing their dirty laundry in public, as well as the absurdity of celebrities taking preference over more important current affairs. 

Stephen ColbertComedian Stephen Colbert explains the bizarre celebrity spat for us mere mortals

All sorts of crazy details have been emerging about the incident which occurred on Tuesday night in Ibiza, in a restaurant packed full of celebrities including P. Diddy and Paris Hilton. Apparently Bloom attempted to punch Bieber after he made a comment about Bloom's ex-wife, Australian model Miranda Kerr. Depending on who's report you read, Leonardo DiCaprio was cheering Bloom on, Lindsay Lohan was laughing, and Bieber left after everyone in the restaurant applauded the Lord of the Rings star for taking a swipe at him. Just another quiet evening in the world of the rich and famous then. 

Colbert finishes his report with the statement "I do not condone this type of violence. Because Bloom missed Bieber's face." If this blisteringly funny monologue is the best thing to come out of this whole episode, that's good enough for us.

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