The former 7th Heaven actor has confessed to having inappropriate sexual contact with three female minors between 1973 and 1994, following the leak of audio footage which was secretly recorded by his now ex-wife Faye Grant during a therapy session.

And now, for the first time since his shocking confession, one of the alleged victims, April Price, has come forward with her story in an interview with the U.K.'s Daily Mail.

Price, now 44, tells the publication she was visiting her aunt in Los Angeles in 1983 when neighbour Collins exposed himself to her three times over the course of the summer.

She claims she first saw Collins naked when he walked past her aunt's house in the nude while she was in the kitchen cooking breakfast.

Price tells the Daily Mail, "He was completely naked. He had no clothes on whatsoever. He had a wad of clothes in his hands. I was taken aback... At the time, I didn't think it was necessarily sinister really, but I thought it was odd. It was not like he tried to cover up. He knew I was there while he was naked. He could see me there."

She claims the second time he allegedly exposed himself was just a few days later, when he helped connect a video game system at her aunt's house.

Price says, "I don't know at what point he did it, but when he turned around, his pants were completely unfastened. His penis was hanging out and I'm just shocked. He doesn't make any mention of it. He doesn't act any differently. So I decided to play along and didn't say anything either. I just acted like it was not out, which was weird because it was hanging out of his pants."

She claims Collins also lured her into his apartment by inviting her to look at memorabilia from his show The Tales of the Gold Monkey, which she was a fan of.

When she showed up, she claims he was "completely naked" and that he "put his genitalia right at (her) eye level."

Price came face to face with Collins years later when she worked on the set of 7th Heaven, and admits he offered her a heartfelt apology for his alleged past transgressions.

Price recalls, "He was very intense. He said, 'I want you to understand what I did. I know it was extremely wrong. I really apologise for it, if I ever made you uncomfortable.'

"I accepted his apology at the time. I was conflicted but being on the set and having this blow up, I wasn't sure what to do."