When Stephen King's 'IT' was first adapted for the screen in the form of a miniseries, Tim Curry took on the central role of the monstrous evil that was Pennywise. He made for a fantastic villain and helped to cement King's story as one of the most frightening the world had ever seen. Last year, a whole new generation of horror fans would get to experience Pennywise with the big screen release of 'IT', from director Andrés Muschietti. Expectations were high, and everybody involved delivered in a big way. So much so, that we're now expecting a sequel to come to cinemas at some point in 2019.

Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise in 'IT'Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise in 'IT'

Following the confirmation by Warner Bros. and New Line that they would be working on 'IT: Chapter 2' came confirmation that Bill Skarsgård would be returning, following his brilliant take on Pennywise, as well as director Muschietti. The status of the child actors isn't something we yet know, as the movie is expected to pick up with the "Loser's Club' when they're all enjoying adult life, as is the case in the original novel.

We'll soon be finding out exactly who's been cast to play the grown-up versions of the "Losers" however, as production on 'Chapter 2' has been confirmed for this coming summer.

Omega Underground reports that those working on the sequel hope to start filming this June, with cast and crew heading back to Toronto, Canada, to get through stage work at Pinewood Toronto Studios. Port Hope is also expected to be used once more in place of the fictional town Derry.

Jessica Chastain is somebody who's expressed an interest in joining the sequel, hoping to pick up the role of the older version of Beverly, and director Muschietti has also said he'd be behind bringing her on board. Whether that's something that actually happens remains to be seen, but the filmmaker and his crew are going to have to work very hard to bring the chemistry back for the sequel that we saw amongst the kids in the 2017 release. 

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We'll bring you more news surrounding 'IT: Chapter 2' as and when we get it.