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Celebrities Attend Playwright Brian Friel's Funeral

More than 200 mourners attended the send off, which took place just two days after the Dancing at Lughnasa writer died at his home in County Donegal, aged 86. Friel was buried...

A Foodie Delight: 'Tasting Menu' Serves Up Spanish Style, Foot Fetishism, And An International Cast [Trailer + Pictures]

Tasting Menu is preparing to open in America after having premiered in Spain last year to acclaim. The Spanish-set, bilingual movie pushes the boundaries of international cinema with a unique premise and sumptuous shots of...

Movie Reviews Rock Of Ages

Over rock and roll's "ages" since the 1950s -- and especially since the 1980s -- pop music lovers have split into separate in-groups, each one becoming a veritable religion unto itself, each one scorning the...

Movie Reviews Snow White And The Huntsman

Somewhat surprisingly, given what several critics regarded as a put-offish title, there are only a handful of negative reviews for Snow White and the Huntsman , starring Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth in the title...

Movie Reviews Salt

Salt , starring Angelina Jolie, is being described by critics as an "action thriller." Their reviews indicate that the emphasis should be placed on the "action." The film moves with such speed, they say, that...

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