Tasting Menu is preparing to open in America after having premiered in Spain last year to acclaim. The Spanish-set, bilingual movie pushes the boundaries of international cinema with a unique premise and sumptuous shots of the coast and of course, food.

Tasting Menu Vicenta N'Dongo Andrew Tarb
Vicenta N'Dongo Plays A Chef Preparing To Close The Doors Of The World's Best Restaurant.

Food-lovers won't fail to be entranced by the romance of the restaurant scenes - and we're not just talking about the many couples who dine each night in the best restaurant in the world. We mean the lovingly shot scenes of kitchen commotion, pain-staking food perfection and the gorgeous Costa Brava setting. Vicenta N'Dongo plays head chef Mar, who tells her team that the restaurant will soon close its doors and that they should make preparations for the last day of service.

Tasting Menu Jan Cornet Claudia Bassols
Claudia Bassols & Jan Cornet Breathe The Spanish Sea Air In 'Tasting Menu.'

The movie takes place on the final night of the gourmet seaside restaurant and follows the intertwining stories of the staff and the diners as they prepare to say goodbye. The big event brings a host of customers from across the world who are keen to try the chef's avant-garde, 30-course menu for the last time.

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A procession of guests arrive, each with their own story, to quaff wine, sample the world-famous menu and take in the beautiful surroundings for one last time. Marc (Cornet) and Rachel (Bassols) are an ex-couple who haven't seen each other since their relationship ended but decide to meet up again by attending a much sought-after booking at the restaurant on its final night. Such was the length of the restaurant's waiting list that the pair had booked the table over a year previously when they were still an item.

Tasting Menu Stephen Rea
Irish Actor Stephen Rea Plays A Foodie Attending The Last Ever Serving At The World's Best Restaurant.

Written and Directed by Roger Gual, the Spanish filmmaker who made the acclaimed 2002 drama Smoking Room, Tasting Menu welcomes a truly international cast, featuring the celebrated Irish actors Stephen Rea and Fionnula Flanagan, young Spanish stars Claudia Bassols and Jan Cornet, and Japanese sctors Togo Igawa and Akihiko Serikawa.

Tasting Menu New Movie
Prepare To Drink In The Sights Of Mouth-Watering Food And The Gorgeous Spanish Coast.

The movie was nominated for the EuroCinema Hawai'i Award for Best Film at the 2013 Hawaii International Film Festival. Tasting Menu will be out on limited release in the USA from the 18th April this year.