Stereophonics' Kelly Jones uses Tabasco sauce to warm up his voice.

The 'Dakota' band's lead singer prepares a special breakfast involving the spicy pepper sauce which helps kick start his vocal cords in the morning.

He told the UK's Absolute Radio: ''I've started doing this thing, right. I'm calling it the Tabasco Fiasco.''

Explaining how he first boils his eggs, he added: ''You put a bit of salt on top and then you tip Tabasco sauce into the yolk. It sounds terrible right, but then you get some toast with Marmite. So you get a salt explosion and you follow that with a black coffee.

''It wakes you up man. It gets your voice going... amazing''

The band are preparing to release their eighth album, 'Graffiti on the Train' in March on their own label, and say making the LP themselves gave them more time to relax and record at their own pace.

Kelly added: ''I think the beauty of the whole things was normally you just get given six weeks to make an album and this time we just decided not to go on tour for a year.

''I think when you de-clutter your head a lot of new ideas come in and I think we recorded some of the best stuff we've ever done really. Just having a year of doing creative stuff and I think [track] 'Violins and Tambourines' was one of the first ones we came across and realised we were on to something different and something new. It really excited the band and we took it on from there really you know so we're really chuffed with it.''