Zeebox - the fully interactive, social TV guide launches in the U.S today (September 27th), and it does so with Comcast, HBO and NBC on its side, reports The Los Angeles Times.

The small screen giants have all gone into partnership with the British technology, which is designed to give the viewer more in depth viewing experience. But what does that actually mean? Well, let's say you were watching HBO's prohibition drama, Boardwalk Empire, and you wanted to find out more about Steve Buscemi's character: Nucky Thompson, you can. You just have to flick through character bios on the Zeebox app. Another aspect of the software lets you connect socially with the show, seeing what others are tweeting, and having your say. "Today, as you sit in front of the TV, millions are watching the same show you're watching, but you're watching in isolation," said Anthony Rose, Zeebox's co-founder and chief technology officer. "In the future, you will watch TV -- but virtually, with other people."

Zeebox's 'next generation' TV guide features plenty of interactive tools, like a buzz metre, which tells you how many people are talking about a show, and another section which allows you to see what you're friends are watching, have watched, or are planning to watch. "We've had a lot of people here at NBC who were developing really good second screen apps," Page Thompson, NBC's executive vice president of strategic integration said. "Zeebox brings together all of these different elements in a beautiful interface that someone can have on a tablet in front of them."