Actor Steve Buscemi spent his Easter Sunday (31Mar13) getting acquainted with his new-found cousin, Vampire Weekend rocker Chris Baio.

The 28-year-old bassist was researching his family tree when he recently discovered he was a distant relative of Boardwalk Empire star Buscemi.

On Friday (29Mar13), he shared his findings in a post on, which read, "EXCITING NEWS - Chris Baio has been working on a family tree for months and just discovered he is a distant cousin of actor Steve Buscemi He has reached out to Mr. Buscemi who was Very Excited about the connection. We are thrilled about the potential for showbiz synergy."

And they wasted no time getting to know each other - the unlikely pair was photographed taking in New York City's annual Easter Parade on Sunday, according to the New York Daily News.

The band also uploaded a photo of the smiling relatives, before teasing a possible collaboration between the two, tweeting, "There is more exciting news to come! For now, look at these beautiful, long-lost cousins".