The Way Way Back – a light, heart-warming comedy in the midst of an action-packed summer blockbuster season, saw its world premiere last month. The film hits US theatres (as a limited release) tomorrow, June 5th and there are already a number of opinions from critics floating around the internet.

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Tony Collette, The Way Way Back Premiere
Tony Collette stars as an out-of-touch mother in this one.

USA Today praises the film for its subtlety and balance, along with the “engaging story, topnotch ensemble cast and sparkling dialogue.” According to the review, The Way Way Back offers the perfect respite from “blockbuster fatigue,” presenting instead a complex and interesting coming-of-age story. It may have fewer thrills than we’ve been used to so far, but it has more emotional depth.

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The New York Daily News don’t go easy on the praise either, calling The Way Way Back “absolutely terrific”. The review goes on to praise the subtlety of Nat Faxon and Jim Rash’s writing and direction, noting the pair’s ability to borrow and adapt their own experiences to create an honest and relatable story.

And while Entertainment Weekly offered some balance to the sea of praise, calling the film “slightly formulaic and familiar,” the website’s review also follows the general trend of neglecting the film’s flaws in favor of its charms. Overall, it seems like the low-key flick, despite being an obvious departure from this season’s slew of blockbusters, is definitely one to go see, once it opens in US cinemas on June 5th.

Steve Carell, Way Way Back Premiere
For once, Steve Carell plays an uncharacteristically unpleasant character.