Tonight sees the finale episode of The Office hit NBC. It’s a sad day for sure, but after eight hilarious years of workplace jokes, it’s time to celebrate the life of this great show. What better way to remember it than a top 5 moments? A top 10 moment perhaps, but you’ll get what you’re given.

Steve CarellRicky Gervais
These two have been the face of The Office for over a decade

Kicking off our choice selections is The Christmas Goose; Dwight brings a dead goose into the office with only good intentions at heart, but the other staff members aren’t so sure they want a dead animal lying about. Our favourite line: “Can you watch this? I’m going to get my carving knife out of the truck.”

Next is the integration. Dwight questions Jim to see if he smokes pot, but Jim flips it round and starts putting Dwight – fully clad in his police uniform to fulfil his duties. Favourite line: “I’m just saying, you can’t be sure that it wasn’t you”

As our favourite moments so often do, this is another Dwight and Jim golden moment, and possible our favourite Jim Prank. Favourite line: “Looks like Jim got mixed up with some bad apples."

Yep, that’s right, another Jim Prank. This time it’s the metal detector, sorry, gaydar. Jim parades it round the office to determine who’s straight or gay. Favourite line: not a line, just Jim’s face. His face.

Our last favourite moment pays homage to the show’s original British counterpart. Michael Scott meets David Brent. That is all. Favourite line? All of it. But if we had to pick one: “Comedy is the place where the mind goes to tickle itself."

There you have our top 5 moments from the U.S Office, but believe us, they were hard to pick. We’ll be watching through our boxsets for months to come.