Alan Partridge has morphed from cult comedy figure, revered by the minority to a national hero, quoted by the masses. There’s only one reason for that, and it’s the character’s creator, Steve Coogan and his consistency.

Alpha Papa poster12 Hostages, 24 Hours, 1 Partridge

There hasn’t been a Partridge dud yet – the books, TV shows and online specials have all been critically acclaimed – and now the film is set to take the U.K by storm. Siege face. The critics have already lavished praise on Coogan’s latest Partridge exploit.

Alpha Papa sees the Norfolk-based DJ charged with saving lives. A rogue colleague, disgraced with the ignominy of premature redundancy (being fired) decides to grab a shooter and take matters into his own hands. He’ll talk to Alan, and only Alan, and there my friends, is your film.

Opening Scene

The Boardroom

It’s got an 88% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which, as everyone knows, means absolutely everything when it comes to films. Total Film reckon “Fans of Steve Coogan's enduring middle-aged middle Englander will be gladdened to find that Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa is a resounding success, not tarnishing or diluting the character in any way.”

The whole enterprise has been executed with a classic brand of Partridge class. From the Norfolk premiere – brought about via an internet campaign – to the light blue, short-sleeved safari suit worn by the man himself to show off the film. It’s A.P through and through.

Alan PartridgeWelcome to big school

One of the most remarkable things about Partridge as a character is the continual ability to impress and inflict laughter – but what’s next for the aging superstar?

With all mediums of entertainment currently under ‘tick’ status, is it time for him to hang up the headphones, move to an even more secluded part of Norfolk and get into a fight once ever few weeks, sporadically donating money and then stealing it from the local church group? If that happens, we want to see it – more Partridge please Coogan, but even more depressing.

Alan Partridge Alpha PapaThere'll be familiar faced for Partridge fans

Alan Partridge Alpha Papa
Only one man can save us/the station (the station)

Alan Partridge
And it's very much this man

Watch the Alpha Papa teaser trailer right here