The 49-year-old actor has penned an autobiography called Easily Distracted, which hits stores on October 8 (15).

It focuses on his childhood and the period before he became famous, meaning he spent many hours remembering things which happened when he was little.

"When I was 11, I was knocked off my bike, I had severe concussion, and I lost my memory of the previous six months," he explained to Britain's The Guardian newspaper. "And I remember waking up in a hospital and not knowing why I was there or how I'd got there. And I remember checking my injuries and trying to guess what had happened to me."

Steve calls his childhood "defining", which is why his book stops in 1992.

After he hit the big time he worries he got entrenched in a "creative wilderness" and "lost direction".

Part of that was because he suffered from addictions, although he is now sober.

He understands many believe a life without drinking must be tedious, but that's not how it is for him.

"I've got to the stage now where I'm comfortable enough in my own skin to be able to make small talk when I'm completely sober," he said. "What happens is, everyone's fun until about 11 o'clock, wherever you are, and when they start to get boring and repetitive because they're getting progressively more drunk and that's when you go. I go home early now... As long as you find interesting people, you don't need a drink."

The star also admitted being embarrassed by his 2001 movie The Parole Officer, in which he played the title character who was accused of murder.

While he knows some people like it, he fears it's more of a children's film than something for adults.