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I cannot believe that it is almost 2 years since the death of Steve Irwin aka The Crocodile Hunter. I am still in shock and disbelief about it. I watch his show everyday religiously. I would like to express my condolences to Terri, Bindi and Little Robert and the rest of his family since this is the first time that I have made a comment on this tragedy. I would also like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Terri for sharing Steve with the world. He touched so many people with his love and compassion for the animals. I am not ashamed to say that I cried like Steve and Wes when Mary died. I felt that I knew all the animals through Steve.If there was any way that I could do it, I would work at The Australia Zoo for free. That is how much influence Steve had on my life. And I am 50 years old!! So Terri, you have my thanks, respect and love. If you can use an old man like me at the zoo, please let me know. To Bindi and Robert--- your father touched alot of lives around the world and you have every right to be extremely proud of him. Not only as the world's leading conservationist but also as your loving father. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and if there is anything I can do, PLEASE let me know. Love and Blessings, Hank Kitchen.... North Carolina

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When I first heard that Steve died I was half asleep. It was labor day and I had the day off school so I was sleeping in. My mom came into my room and told me Steve had died. I didn't think much of it at that time, I thought I was dreaming. When I woke up i turned on the tv and saw that it was real. Headlines on every news station read that the crocodile hunter had died from a stingray barb to the chest. I hadn't watched his show since I was little, and memories of him came rushing to my mind. I remember when I was a kid I used to pretend to be him. I was devastated. It was really hard to come to my senses and believe that he died. I always thought he was invincible like some sort of super hero in the movies. He wasn't, but he was a hero to the animals and to me. When I was little I always dreamed of going to Australia to see him and his zoo. Now only part of my dream can come true and I am hoping to meet him through his friends and family, I know it won't be the same but it is the closet I can get. I watched his show and his memorial service and I cried just about everytime somebody mentioned his name. I felt like I knew him through his shows because he wasn't afraid to be himself and you could tell he wasn't acting. He did more for conservation than anyone ever did and I want to help like he did. I know I will never be able to match what he did, but I want to come close. Animals are now my passion and I will forever be a wildlife warrior. I'ts in our hands to carry on the Irwin legacy and make his life worthwhile. His message still lives on and his life will never fade in the millions of viewers. We can all be wildlife warriors and contribute to the conservation of earths beautiful creatures. Never again will I look at a creature in fear no way he taught me never to fear animals. Steve your dream will come true, we will carry on your mission mate. You're with the angels now in that big aussie sky. Steve Irwin is now a legend he will become one of the most famous conservationists this earth has ever scene. We'll miss you mate.The animals have lost their best friendTake it easy in heaven SteveRest in PeaceYour wildlife mission will be carried out--Jessica

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i couldnt belive it wen i was tld wat had happened to steve i always believed he be eaten by one of his crocs steve was an amazin guy n i say tht n i onli saw him on tv i cant even start to undastand wat his family is goin through coz i cried n i dnt even no him he is a well loved man by millions of ppl n will neva be forgotten im even doin mi bit to help tht terri bindi and robert n the rest of his family im sorry for ur loss jus remember he will be lookin down on u to see if u whip his butt at gettin tht close to his crocs steve i love u n i will neva forget u ur a lengend n will be tlk bout in the yrs to cum ur the worlds greatest u rock rest in peace steve xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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!!!!Crikey Steve, what have you gone and done now.!!!It seems that every few years the world looses a great person, and we have just lost another in Steve Irwin.I heard of his death just hours after it happened and even now a month later I have not recovered from the shock.The animals of this world have lost a great friend.God Bless his wife and kids.Rest in Peace Steve O

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I am so shocked that Steve Irwin, a great conservationist died on sept. 4. However I am very shocked at how people have reacted to this great mans death. Some people are saying he has deserved this or had it coming. These statements are made by ignorant people who have no idea who steve irwin was or why he did what he did. Steve Irwin died doing what he loved which is a lot more than I can say for most people. He did alot for animals and he was a great conversationist. Those people who say he deserved it just dont understand why he did what he did. The only thing they saw him as, was a crazy man jumping around with dangerous animals and they didnt care about the message he sent. They only cared to think about what they wanted to believe. They never knew him and they didnt care about watching and understanding his passion that he did so well. I just wanted to say thanks to him for doing so much for animals and being a very great man. I would like to give condolences to his family for there lose and say that he was a great man no matter what people say about him. Thanks

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Thank you Steve for being such an inspiration to so many people not the least of which is myself. Its just not fair that someone with so much passion for his work which truly changed the world could die so young and in such an unlikely manner. I never knew him personally but I would have given anything to meet him and work beside him although I'll never be anywhere near the man he was and few people ever will be. Your truly missed Steve. I give my sincere condolences to his family and close friends.

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why did he died? why can't it be me! "REST IN PEACE Steve Irwin".

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I miss Steve Irwin, I never even thought twice about that crocodile and his daughter media ham it up, media has to have news, that was not a just. Steve Irwin protected and loved animals, how can anybody think he would not have prioritized the safety of his daughter. But media has to have news. Sad that they hurt him in that way.I am pleased now that they show so much appreciation for the testing work(s) . Steve Irwin loved people and loved animals.I miss him dearly.My sincerest condolence to his wife. I can understand how she must miss him, I lost my husband when he was only 40 years of age.didit

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he came. he conquered and he died. doing what he loved best.i suppose if he could have chosen how to die, it would have been just the way it happened, doing the job he so loved.we all thought it would be death from something far more dangerous, such as deadliest snake, or a croc.even in death he has made us aware of how dangerous another creature is........the stingray.he will be missed by so many followersGOD ONLY TAKES THE BEST EARLY......

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Steve irwin was a good man, he was brave, he spent his life doing what he loved doing. He will always be a hero. xxx

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MAY GOD BLESS THE IRWIN'S IN THIS TIME OF SORRO. R.I.P. MR. STEVE (CROC HUNTER) IRWIN .THE SHOW WON'T BE THE SAME WITHOUT YOU .IT'S GOOD THAT THE FAMILEY WILL KEEP THE SHOW GOING . ! WE WILL NOT FORGET YOU STEVE IRWIN !GOD MUST OF NEEDED A CROC FIGHTER FOR HIM TO CALL ON STEVE IRWIN ...........GOD ALWAYS CALLS ON THE BEST...NOT THAT LONG AGO HE CALLED ON THE BEST RACE CAR DRIVER THERE WAS #3 DALE SR......NOW HE HAS CALLED ON THE BEST ONCE AGAIN ...STEVE IRWIN....SO WHEN YOU SOMEONE SAY (Crikey)JUST SMILE CUZ THATS STEVE UP IN HEAVEN SMILING DOWN ON YOU....I don't know if anyone could ever take steves place. I don't know of any man that would take the risks Steve took to educate people about animals both dangerous and not. He's a legend that will live on forever.I think it is cool that The council gave the family permission to bury Steve at the zoo and they're possably going to erect a monument there so visitors can continue to pay their respects. It is too bad that everyone is stating that Steve was doing this shoot for Bindi Sue. He was doing a kids show, for for Discovery,with his daughter, I don't think that he was actually doing this shoot for his daughter. I mean, I just hope that Bindi won't blame herself someday.this was STEVES passion and he lived and died doing what he loved to do and when you have that much passion about something i beleve it to be an honor to die doing what you love .....GOD BLESS STEVE IRWIN MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE AND YOUR MEMORY LIVE ON. [email protected]

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Steve Irwin was a great man with deep conviction in his heart to "listen to the Calling he had in his life here on Earth". He knew what his Calling & reason for being here on Earth was for. He was many things.He was a man of great Wisdom, Strength, Devotion who loved everything deeply around him and it showed in his ability to touch many peoples lives around the world as well as his family. He loved his parents deeply, his wife and children and all those he came in contact with.He showed the world how to love ALL THINGS GREAT AND SMALL. He taught us all how to be child-like in your heart, how to smile & laugh, how to respect Animals, Nature and how to save the planet.He was GIFTED from the time he was brought here to Earth. He had GOD given talent and had the strength to endure many things in this life. He could reach all people of differant ages, genders around the world.In his heart he taught us all what the true meaning of LOVE and DEDICATION is. He walked the LONG ROAD home in life. He finished his CALLING in this life and was taken. What he left behind is for all of us to grasp, hang-on too, appreciate, learn from and help to keep his LEGACY alive. He was a man of immense Charactar just like his wife who we know was put here on Earth for Steve. They were a ONE OF A KIND couple. They were the matching shoes to one another. What a BLESSING!Steve was in-deed what Christains only strive to be and that is to LOVE, GIVE, SHARE, HEAL THE WORLD and he did all these things honestly and caring.We all will miss Steve and know that deep down he is still alive in Spirit and that one day we shall all be together.The tears and pain for this beautiful person touches me and the world who have lost a dear friend at heart.We love you STEVE and his family. We will always remember you our dear brother in Christ.

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R.I.P...what a brill man..steve i loved watching you . you made me to terri and the family.xxxlorane, england..

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two cents- how much further do you want to go? give it a rest you have made your point now just give up this comment page has gone from being a tribute to a man who lost his life to being about you. is that what you wanted a bit of attention? if thats your way of doing it your very sad! and if you are going to slag him off at least spell his name correctly - its irwin not erwin! now leave the poor guy to rest in peace and let his family grieve. your comments are not needed if all they are going to be is may not have agreed with what he did but we get the point now - when you say the world is better now he has gone do you think people like terri and his children and friends are going to agree? do you think they think the world is better now they dont have thier dad or husband? he was a man of talent and took risks that many people wouldnt. but not once did iever see him try to harm or purposefully scare any animal all i saw was he was trying to save them.steve rest in peace. love to his family and friends at this very sad time.

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My two cents - your mentality is crazy, you oblivously have not followed Steve Irwins work. He was not cruel in anyway to the animals, he loved them and cared for their enviroment. You are a jealous person and have misinterepted Steves actions. We all know he was a showman but how else can you attract attention for the animal world and for the children to love the animials in our world. How can you class this as cruelty, in the world we all live their is cruelty to animals which is so sick, you should direct your comments to these people and NOT to STEVE.All our children cried at the sad loss of him and lets hope his work will continue for ever. MarilynBristolEngland

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BRAVO to the brave stingray who stood up to Steve. Now Erwin won't be able to chase, taunt and terrorize innocent creatures to the point they need to defend themselves! .

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The death of Steve Irwin made me realize how lucky I am. Last Christmas I was slashed by one and I am here to tell my tale. I could not believe the news, the shock of Steves death has been a nightmare for me. The flash backs of my injury has given me sleepness nights. I am so deeply sorry for Steves family because he was doing a job he enjoyed so much.To work with animals and to create a wonderful a smile as he did will be missed by many many people.My heart goes to all who knew him they will miss him so much.MarilynBristolEngland

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I never really liked Steve Erwin but I can respect the fact that he was enthusiastic about life and what he did. He was a great ambassador for Australia and showed the beauty of this country to the world. My condolences go out to his family. The way that he was killed was such a tragedy. As we all know now thanks to the footage which has been viewed by the police, the animal was not being harassed but was not even noticed by Erwin who unwittingly swam over it.My 2 Cents, you are an idiot. There is not much more that can be said about you other than that. Your on screen arrogance and sense of superiority I'm sure would be shattered if you were ever to be confronted in "the real world", a scenario that I am happy to play out. You see, I have the balls to stand up for what I truly believe in and am not afraid to hide behind the skirt of the internet.Also, if you're going to post a comment, make sure it is your own you plagiarising dick. You didn't even have the sense to steal a quote from someone with any integrity, just a sad person trying to rescue a diminishing presence with some controversy.That is unless... My 2 cents is... Germaine Greer?

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Steve Erwin: animal handler, camera hog, idiot who left his daughter without a father. God and Mother Nature has eliminated a moron from our gene pool. .

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i have to say how sad i was to hear of the death of steve irwin.'two cents' you are entitled to your opinion but as you can see 99% of the messages written are those of dedication to a man who was respected for what he did, so maybe, if you want to voice those types of opinions dont do it somewhere where his young children are going to read it. you say he harrased animals, that maybe how you saw it but its not how the majority of people feel, its a very sad time for some people and that needs to be respected. how would you feel if someone wrote that about a member of your family on an internet website for all to see, when they had just died and you were grieving for them? i imagine you would be hurt if it was someone you dearly loved and who died doing what they love. like i said u can have ur opinion but try and be more sympthetic to the fact that 2 children have just lost their dad and they are never going to see him again and a young wife has lost her husband.this is not the time to be voicing such harsh opinions but it is the time to show your repects whether you agreed with them or not a life has been lost whatever way you look at it. there are people in this world who do a lot worse. i travelled australia not long ago and it wasnt until then when i visited his zoo did i understand how much he actually did to help animals. i had seen his documentaries from home but to actually visit the zoo and see how much hard work, time and effort he and his family and staff put into looking after the animals was a real eye opener - he deserves so much respect.he was an inspiration to many people and he will be remembered always. i feel so sorry for his family and friends especially his wife terri and two young children. my heart goes out to you.

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RIP steve,a clever funny outgoin chap who lived life to the full. everyone who ever watched knew how fab he was with the animals. all i can say is he died doing something he loved and that at least gives a little comfort to the people left heart goes out to steves family.

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we can agree or disagree on how he taught conservationism for as long as small minded ppl want.when speakin of the dead in such a ill manner.As i said before to the few small minded ppl in the world. A wife has lost the love of her life,2 young children have lost there daddy,steve's family an friends lives have changed for ever too.And the wild an tame animals of this earth have lost there one TRUE voice.But u know wat the good hearted ppl of the world can all stand together,an continue to support what mr steve irwin belived in an stood up to.THE FIGHT AGAINST HUNTING,CRUELTY,FUR TRADE,AND MANY MORE.R.I.P steve.The night sky has another bright star which will shine forever.

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I cannot believe there are so many morons using this site, and to vilify someone who has no way of defending himself is obscene. Why don't these people get a life and grow up. If they can't say anything nice don't say anything at all and that way they will not upset the really genuine people who regret the loss of Steve.Living on a tiny Island I was devastated when I heard the news as I had the privilege of meeting this wonderful man when I visited his zoo. I am involved with animal welfare in my island so I was particularly interested in how his zoo was run. The animals were beautifully looked after, had plenty of room in the necessary enclosures and those that were totally free were in the most beautiful condition. What Steve did was to educate as well as entertain and conserve endangered species. I also saw the hospital Steve built for injured animals that he took in and where possible returned to the wild so how can anyone accuse him of cruelty? He will never be forgotten and yes, in his native land he has been given, rightfully, the same love and respect as our Diana, Princess of Wales was given. I feel the same sense of loss and grief for Steve as I did for Diana. His memory will live on for everyone who has watched his programmes or visited his zoo. God bless his lovely wife and beautiful children.

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by jerseygirl

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Steve Irwin and Terri are the most passionate activists' for conservation of our planet than anyone I have ever known in my entire 50 years! I have always thought that he was a icon of his time and now he has made an even bigger impact on this world and he is looking in on us right now and he is throwing his hands up (like he always did...with enthusiasm) and yelling "YES" NOW LISTEN TO ME.. WE HAVE TO SAVE THIS (our) PLANET!!!!!! And we have to listen.. We have to do something about it! Steve has gone on to a better place. HE SET THE STAGE (and more). He did "ALL" that "HE" could do! NOW THE REST IS UP TO US!!!!!!!!

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by GaDayLover

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All of the animals Steve handled and encountered are wild. They react instinctivly. And that instinct is to survive. So the thrashing and struggling snakes you saw Steve handle were not being tormented. They are trying to escape from a perceived predator. And humans are predators. I would rather be handled like Steve handled the snakes then to have a metal pole pin me to the ground by the base of my skull. Steve and Terri know their animals and always respected the nature of them. He also knew when he overstepped his boundry with them.I therefore applaude what these amazing individuals have taught me and well as countless others about wildlife. My heart aches for Terri, Bindi and young Bob and family. I am deeply saddened, and grieve with all the staff members at the zoo. My prayer is that all of you are able to carry on what Steve set out to do. Please, keep that passion burning. All my love and sympathy and may God bless all of you.

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by RD

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There was not an animal he was not prepared to manhandle. Every creature he brandished at the camera was in distress. Every snake badgered by Irwin was at a huge disadvantage, with only a single possible reaction to its terrifying situation, which was to strike. The animal world has finally taken its revenge on Irwin.

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Britta, did you mean Sept 11? Get a clue...and please learn english so that we can understand you.This is supposed to be about a great man, Steve Irwin, who passed away. Almost all of us are here to express our grief and send our condolences to his family. I know we should ignore these fools, but they are so clueless, and they are poisoning this page.For the sake of decency please take your comments and leave this site. You are not welcome here. Rest in peace Steve, you are truly someone to look up to.

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Well it is 09/06/2006 here in the States.Once again I feel compeled to post yet another comment of MY THOUGHTS on the behalf of The IRWINS FAMILY....I read these comments in such dispare and unbelived feelings.Why?Because people such as MY TWO CENTS.I am pointing this soul out once again and all the FOLLOWERS who share the same shallow thoughts.My reason behind this is just,They want to be noticed.Good or Bad noticed is no worry to them.So I have mentioned them first so they should feel bigger than life.That's all they want.In a great point for Steve is,folks have said he was too pushy w/the animals.If he was not as out going and into what he truely belived in,that would of been a huge down fall for the animals.How many times has this FINE MAN RESCUED WILDLIFE from places that would of been deadly for the animal or people?SIT DOWN MY 2 CENTS WORTH,AND THE FOLLWERS YOU HAVE BRAIN WASHED.YOU ALL PUT TOGETHER DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH FINGERS AND TOES TO COUNT THE LIVES STEVE IRWIN AND HIS FAMILY/FRIENDS HAVE SAVED.Plus w/your stone cold heart and HEADS you may not be able to count past 20,that would be 10 fingers and 10 toes....Now that was a harsh cut aimed just at you and YOURS!sAY AS YOU WILL,BRING IT ON...i AM A BETTER PERSON OF WORTH,i KNOW THERE IS 2 SIDES TO all STORIES.mANY TIME ONE SIDE OR OTHER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT FOR ALL OR ANY!yOU HOWEVER,can not see pass your pointed head.I would love to sit here and just insult you and yours and the FOLLOWERS you seemed to have brain washed.But I need to pick myself back up to a human level,and move on AT THIS MOMENT!I don't agree w/showing his death as it unfolded,not on tv.But that belongs to the IRWIN FAMILY.So what ever they do they have support.To all who think it is just a $ thing,and STEVE would do it only for the HIGH & MIGHTY $!He would have it used to teach and show the proper people on all the whos,whats,whens,wheres, and any other way to help protect the wildlife and people of this world.At this point the most thing I have seen is how we have learned how to rip apart a human life even in death!STOP!!!!!!How to just say and do hurtful things to others...STOP!!!!!What is being taught out of an already sad event,IS PURE HURT AND PAIN!Where is any of that right?Bring it on MY 2 CENTS WORTH!!!!!Please tell your public how right this all is!I am a shamed to even lashing back like I am.I am normaly a bit more,well NOT NICE!I wont carry out the words like you do or some do.There is GOD fearring people and children on here.I HAVE RESPECT!See respect is not bad,you can do it..Until later,I am sure My 2 cents worth will still keep shame on self and on family/followers.Hint: my 2 cents worth,2 cents in this world is NOTHING!Need a quarter to by some class?Sorry to my self family and friends,& the IRWINS,I just hand to lash back.I feel bad,no not really1 LOL! Buffy UNITED STATES!

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I just wanted somewhere to write my condolonces to Steve's Family. Terri, Bindi and Bob: although you probably will never read this, it gives me peace of mind to know I wrote it. I am so sorry for your loss. Your husband, and father, was a great inspiration to many people all over the world who also love animals. I loved watching his shows on tv. My favorite was the one where he was looking for this one specific snake, and low and behold, it was in the ditch right beside him!! Crikey! It was pretty intense! Anyways, I am really truly sorry. He definitely made our world a better place... Steve.... We will miss you! I know I will never forget your personality or passion. Rest In Peace.

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by sandy appell

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So, Steve wasn't just acting like a goofball, he really was stupid? Gee, let's chase dangerous creatures and see what happens! .

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by my two cents

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To MY TWO CENTSplease read your own posts as I am sure you meant to say creature. screen name: my two cents ( 237) posted on 05/09/2006 01:34 comments: To gottalovehim: The truth hurts. Don't you think his wife is pissed at him for being so reckless? Because if his childish taunting of an innocent create, his daughter is now fatherless! and then postedscreen name: my two cents ( 237) posted on 05/09/2006 03:37 comments: Dear, please learn to spell if you're going to post comments here, it makes people realize you're a moron and you lose credibility. The best way to annoy My TWO CENTS (AKA NOT THE FULL QUID) IS NOT TO ANSWER ANY OF HIS POSTS.My family sends their regrets to the Irwin family.

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by wilros

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to chrisied:Thank you for your understanding reply.However you did not handle this as a total disrespect.You gave what you thought but still carry passion on the sad out look.My comments were not aimed to people such as your self.You still gave your thought,and heart felt feelings.If more people could look at things such as this,like you have would make it alittle easier to bare for his friends and loving family.You used a great attack,still hard for fans,family & friends to hear.But yes you are entitled to your say.I was meanning for people who are acting as two cents worth, is acting.and others.There is really no reason to be carring on as they are.Life and death is a trick.No game anybody will win.Also no direspect to others as w/others who have loss a loved one.How ever we all go through the motions of the loss.In todays world you can post just as we are doing right now on anybody/anything.So if they want then start a site for them and /or future or past loss.I have even posted my cat(Taci) on a web site for parents that loss a animal(child to some).So to Chrisied and others like em,my respect to you and your thought on this and in folks like two cents,hope you will be able to live that perfect soap box life you seem too think is real.You can come back to me & others like me,with your cruel words and disrespect us.But the truth will still be,we have our out look as you do.We will only prevale with respect and dignanty!You in my eyes will ,only carry a chip that will only weigh you down.Hope someday you are able to liten your load by at least usen some much needed respect to others.Notice I still let you know how I feel w/no bad words,no ill feelings,ect.Hope you feel this lite someday.So to STEVE IRWINI am glad to stand up for you and your lifes work.To Teri and Children I am so sorry for your loss,and SORRY FOR CRUEL PEOPLE!They know who they are...So try not too be taken by dis-respect!Be taken by the true LOVE of those who truely have a point to this sad event....They may all not agree,but they do agree w/love loss.

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by Buffy

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Please don't waste your breath or time commenting back to "Two Cents"...He/She has his/her opinion be it as infantile, wrongly harsh and uninformed as it may be... He/She says it all in his/her name... His/Her opinions collectively are worth about 2 cents...Part of the nature of some of the animals Steve showcased over the years is that they are nasty, poisonous and exhibit some spiteful traits (kind of like you eh Two cents?) and are prone to react negatively to people... I never saw a critter eek away from Steve’s handling any worse for wear...We more intelligent thoughtful respectful people know and appreciate all that Steve Irwin did for animals, for his conservation efforts, for the people and commerce of Australia, his family, etc...Just out of morbid curiosity, I did a search of these groups and it seems this “Two Cents” child gets off on making rude and incendiary remarks on just about everyone... Fergie, Liza Minnelli, etc... If you share the morbid curiosity, try the search yourself, just don’t waste any time that the task (or the individual) merits.He/She is just a lunk and we would be better served expending energies wishing Steve's family and friends well, respecting the man, mourning our collective loss, and ignoring such a dork.There, Two Cents... How's my spelling and grammar you lunk!?You want mature Two Cents? Sorry to say you exhibit no such attribute...;opHow’s that?Erick

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by Rest In Peace Steve

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i just wanted to send my deepest sympathy. Steve will be missed by all. I just wanted to say he was the greatest I always loved to watch him in hopes of meeting him someday. May God Bless you and him he's with all of the crocs, and other creepy crawlys that have passed on before him. love always, danielle circello

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to buffy, all we are doing to is giving our opinion on the matter, we have the right to do that whatever the news is, its not that we dont care about the family, as of course we do, we are just saying that he should of been more careful and this tradegy would of never happened.

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Did Steve Irwin know the Lord Jesus or was he into church.

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I belive we are entitled to our say!However,people never stop amazing others w/cruel voices."YOU KNOW WHO YOU ALL ARE!"SHAME ON YOU!Shame is all your closed minds bring into this world!How does that feel?A little like you need to lash out at people like me?Recpect comes as little value to you I bet?Sure hope all who have Crossed the Rainbow that is/was dear or even just a long distance friend. never die from anything other than 100% natrual events.Car accident is just one act that is not 100% on the up to up events.Car can not be 100% controled by any one of us.Do you have a pet cat?If so in most places(in us)they are not considered as pets.They have too many wild ideas.But yet we choice them as "PETS".I could go on & on,as you could to as well.The point of my "LASH-BACK" is just this!"Keep your cold,cruel words/thoughts to yourself.I really should not even say that they are thoughts,because if you did think.Surely you would have respected "STEVE IRWIN & HIS MUCH LOVED FAMILY!""Do unto others,as you would want do unto you.!"This would inclued your family & friends too.I can not belive I have allowed my self to be reduced to your level...So I leave you with this.You will be given for-giveness from Steves family I am sure.They are wonderful.GOD to will for-give too.As he sees fit.But first you need to for-give your self and make amends w/you cruel heart...Buffy OHIO,USA

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This was more than just shock!Steve is a icon that will never be replaced.He was true to himself,family and his love of animals.You could just see that w/in seconds of seeing him.He did not perform his show,he was pushed by true love and passion for his wildlife world.Even if he would not make one cent,he would of still lived to support the wildlife.I love animals ,would love to be able to make a go of it as The Irwins did/will.My heart goes out to Teri,Bindi & Bob.Wish we could push rewind and redo that days events.Sad but true,we will never get that chance.I belive that Steve is looking down from the Heavens,holding his dear family.Knowing his time was too short.Myself & family have sat and watched Steves shows hours on end.Wow!He was amazing....Even in death Steve is still telling us to care for our wildlife.I rescue animals as well,my 9yt. daughter(keli) rescued a beaver.She cared for the beaver by herself for 5days,then told me.She (beaver)ended up at Columbus wildlife center.She was almost completey ready to be released(mo.s later) when she just died w/no warnning.This was so hard on Keli."she said,I thought I rescued her to safety.."I explainned to her she did.At least she died w/dignanty.It has taken a few mo.s for her to see that.Steve has done so much for the animals and humans of this world.We were lucky just to have such a short time w/him.The world is a little more empty w/out this great man.So we need to carry on after him.Maken sure to care for our wildlife.So,Steve if you can see/hear us,know you did not die in vein!"Crocs Rule!" Buffy OHIO/USA

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I am so sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to Steves family and friends. I hope you will carry on with your good work at Austrailia Zoo and all over the world I couldnt sleep last night when I heard what happened. My children and I watch at least 1 episode of croc hunter a day my 3 year old always asks me to put it on. I love the work you do to help save our planet and I hope you are all going to be ok without him. I always wanted to come to Austrailia just to come to the zoo and have the chance to meet Steve and Terri That was my olny draw really, I will stil try to go over and give my best wishes to Steves wife, kids and crocs! Please dont be too down Im sure Steve would want you to carry on as normal.Natasha & family England

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my deep sympther to his familya very big shock to heard of his suddan deathvery sad to know that he will not be here anymore,feel very unrealbecouse he seem to be very cleaver of what he did, and he was very good at his work, with all animalsHe was sure a great man , the best animal lover and carre for take good care of all animalsYou will be miss very much from your fans all over the world, im my self a big fan . You were like the real TARZAN MAN , a true herofor the wild animal lifeGonna get all of your movies.....A big lostFAREWELL CROCODILE MAN !!!!!!!!

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Steve you are legend :(Rest in peace legend !

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This is to all those who respect the fact that a human life has been taken. I read the above messages/comments, and by the time I reached the bottom, it occured to me that two-cents and a couple others, are just poor souls in need of attention. Every time someone writes back to him (two-cents), it excites him and he writes something even more shocking. He probably never even watched his shows. We've all seen people like this. I even have a little boy who says shocking things sometimes for attention, so I would suggest that we all just ignore him. That is what child psychologists say and pediatricians. When a child (I think this person MUST be a child/teenager) is doing/saying shocking things for attention it is best to ignore them. So I think that the best thing that all of us can do is to pretend like we don't even see those rude comments and just continue to leave our condolensces to this nice man's family. I am not a "animal conservationist", but I sure did enjoy watching him and his enthusiasm for the animals. I also learned an awful lot about wildlife, so did my son. But most of all, I enjoyed his sense of humor, and the wonderful way he was with his little girl and his wife. I always admired him most for those kinds of things. My prayers are with his family today. I know that they must be having a terrible time dealing with all of this. Sherri/Middleburg, FL

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Steve Irwin is dead!He was bitten by a sting ray whilst diving for a new t.v program.Steve Irwin was like a superhero... crazy and cool.. i love he program and he always made me smile :)R.I.P Steve

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i have to say that i do agree with some of my 2 cents comments. of course i feel for his family and what they must be going through. but i have seen ALOT of his programmes and he always seems to make the animal angry causing it to defend itself. ie by grabbing snakes by the tail, i know he said that this was a friendly way to hold them. but i dont believe this is true. when holding a snake by the tail (which i have done, and WONT do again) snakes have a tendency to reach up to u, to bit u, in many of his programmes this has happened and doing so he is shaking the snake around making it even more angry and sometimes even dropping it. if u were that snake i think u would be slightly pissed off too. by holding snakes by the head, u are not only protecting urself u are also protecting the snake by not causing injury to itself. the accident with the stingray was going to happen to him eventually by disrespecting what the organism was capable of, when i saw him with his baby while feeding a crocodile i realised how stupid he can be. he may of been in control during the excerise but he could of EASILY dropped the child. believe it or not i used to be a fan of him aswell, but once i saw that i realised how dangerous he really is and i saw him in a whole new light. when i become a marine biologist i will definetly learn from his mistake.

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First of all let me say my heart goes out to Steves wife children and family. Steve was a great man. My husband and all his family have watched him for years. My mother-in-law even got a call from him once when she ordered my husband a tee shirt and the was a mess up with it. That was a day she will never forget. When I told her what happened yesterday she cried as we all did. Terrie I understand the pain you are going through, 8 years ago I lost my husband. He was shot in the head much differant the what happened to Steve but the pain is the same. I was with him from age 12 when we met and I know the first time I saw him he was going to be the daddy of my babies. The pain will only calm down with time nothing anyone can say or do will make it better. The best thing is to remeber the happy times and share them with your kids. They will know him through you, and love him as you do. God Bless you and your children an family. Everyday will get better.My heart is with youLeannIndian Rocks Beach Fl.

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Oh 2 cents or two centsI really do feel sorry for you. You have no values and yet you are writing with so many Morals-that mean nothing with out values. I am 31 years old and my husband died/killed last year. I cring to think that one day the family of Steve might get to see the things you have writen or think you have Right to air your problem matic views. You have a problem with people doing with what they are good at. Or maybe you are the type of sad person who just likes to upset people and be so horrible and negative at a time which i can honestly compare to hell on earth!!!!!! If you do have a contentious??? and from what you are writing i think you do, then let this be on it. Your probably have no belifs, no hopesand not many friends. You jump on your PC to upset people and play with there emotions. To all of you who he has upset please dont worry, i truely belive what comes around goes around. You are a very bitter and twisted person. You have a right to feel the way you do but no right to write and upset people especially the family who i do belive will one day read these things, maybe it will be in a years time when Terri (the wife i belive) is up at 4am still not being able to sleep. i hope you sleep well Two cents. i think you should call you self no sence or nonesence as you really do not have no values and if you have morals they are so in the wrong place. I hope if you have donated your organs (being that you have such high morals)no one gets your brain!!!! does no one listen to you??????? i wonder why???????? A life has been lost and weather his wife blames anyone is none of your business. You just leave her and her children alone and go and crawl under the rock you came from!!!!!! oh and watch out for the snakes!!!!!!!! PS if i have spelt any of this wrong and i hope i speak for all those that have then maybe its becasue i am not perfect and i am not going to read over this for hours to make it perfect i am going to try and make the best of my life - it is so so precious and my son comes first!!!!!!! i just wanted to stick up for the family and all the lovely people who are being very kind hearted humans!!!!!!!!!!! if you would like to try and write something back to try to offend/hurt me then you can but remember i have looked evil in the eye and a waste of space like you would not bother me, also i have an angel looking over me who might prod you in the night and keep you awake for trying to hurt me, just like Terri and her children and family have now so i wish you lots of luck sleeping!!!!!!!!

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I didn't know Steve Irwin personaly, but i did watch many of his programs, I know that he devoted his life to finding and rescuing animals no matter how dangerous or rare they were. Steve in my book is a one of a kind human being who I for one have looked up too since I was little. There really is no way to put how I feel about his death into words. I only would like to say "you have my respect Steve and you will forever be missed and respected by many".

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20 cents how dare you, you are a disrespectful, low life, piece of scum with no heart. He never tormented animals!, he saved them from enviournments that they would have shurly died from, and relocated them to safe enviournments were thay can life happy lives. His educational adventures helped study the lives and enviournments of the animals he sought after and captured you looser. We will always miss and love you steve,xxx, in loving memory, from Greg, cheers mate.

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The animals cried when Steve died. See

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by Skeldor

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Steve got alot of people excited about wildlife, as I don't think anyone else ever did. He put alot of time, money and effort into alot of causes. He may not have been perfect, but everyone with a TV knew who he was. That can't be all that bad. It was so sad to hear of his death. He will be missed by many! R.I.P. From Massachusettes, USA

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im so so sorry is such a huge lost .:(((((((((

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I was up so early this a.m. and when I saw steve irwin's tragedy on the news I cried. He is/was such a nature icon - yes, he played with dangerous creatures - that was his journey. It's so sad the way his life was ended. I could just see him - the strong personality he was dealing with that stingray. It was his time to go. My heartfelt compassion goes out to his family and friends. He will be greatly missed. I don't think there is anyone who can fill his shoes.

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First of all, Steve Irwin was a great man and will be missed. I send my regards to his family and friends. He cared deeply for animals, setting up organizations like wildlife warriors to help protect animals. His death was a one in a million tragedy and was of no fault of his own.Secondly, two cents you are disgusting. And to all those people who would rather post terribly offensive comments, you should be ashamed. A man died, a wife lost a husband, and two small children lost their loving father. Keep your disgusting opinions to yourself and try to have some compassion.My prayers are with your family Steve, and I hope you have been reunited with your beloved Sui in heaven.

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"My Two Cents" ... so you think you are educated? Are you educated enough to say that Steve Irwin is not one of the dominate conservationists in the world today ... yes he has been too close to animals but this was in an effort to educate idiots like you! Tell us all what level of education you have ... I will research and confirm whAt you tell us, and then we will all be able to understand where you are really coming from! My guess is that you have zero formal education and your response will be a another personal attack on a person who has a real grip of common sense!

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I could not believe that he died. He loved life. I send my regards to his family and children. May his soul rest in peave he was a great person.

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I feel so sad for Terri and family. Here is a big huge hug from Oregon. We lost a great conservationist and I hope someone will take over and protect the crocs. Huggs

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Chasing, taunting and frightening any animal to the point it feels cornered and needs to defend itself IS ANIMAL CRUELTY! Bravo to the brave stingray who had enough and removed the man-child from the planet! .

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by my two cents

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Stingrays rule!!! Thank God this idiot is dead--he almost fed his own child to a "croc" afterall...what an idiot, an obnoxious, loud, vulgar idiot...I look forward to never seeing him on a talk show again. He will be remembered as the idiot he proved himself to be, R.I.P. fishbait.

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my 50 cents.u lost all credibility an made yourself the bigger moron the minute u made bad comment's of the if the only thing u can come bk at me at is my spelling(4.15am my local time)then i will always have more credibitily then u will ever i also never went lookin for credibitily like some!!!the only reason i was here for was to send my love to the irwin family an was met with messages from MORON'S like you.

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TO JO.UK well said iv been trying to get it through to MY TWO CENTS all night, other people do have feelings and you (MY TWO CENTS) would have just crushed whatever teri and her kids have left if they read these messages from you your heartless and need to bee put straight, i hope some ne finds you and puts you in your place, or maybe you could find it in that deep black heart of yours to write something nice fo a change, try making a difference to the people who have just lost a father and a husband. just remember the world does not revolve around pathetic aregent people like you!!!!!!!steve r.i.pteri and kids my thoughts are with youXXXX always>>

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by gottalovehim

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Dear, please learn to spell if you're going to post comments here, it makes people realize you're a moron and you lose credibility. .

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by my two cents

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just read though messages,an it seems to me,my two cents,chrisied,mr reality an britta have forgotton the fact,terri,has lost her dear husband.bindi an robert have lost there father.u seem hell bent at makin your thought's stand out from the rest.u have no respect for others.hope u will sleep better knowin if terri,bindi,robert wen older,john an other family an close friends read the messages.YOURS will stand out the will crush wats left of there hearts just that little bit more.ppl like u make the world a worse place,but i forget u have never hurt any liveing creature,guess wat u just go about your borin lives,so the real ppl of this earth can remember a man who did more good than bad in his short but wonderfull changeing life.thx steve,rest in peace mate...gone but never w'boro,

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omg MY TWO CENTS do you ever give up or even stop and think about what you saying, and how many people you are offending by saying this sort of stuff about some one most of us hardly knew, but if you actually read the comments on this page then you will realise how much this amazing guy ment to people and that you are the only one putting him down!!! now me being an animal lover 100% and watching 99% of his shows, if he was harming the wildlife of australia then he would have been stoped, why can you not see that or can you just not see through your own arregence. i dont even know you but you seem like a compleate and utter arsehole if thats what you think of such a great australian guy showing his fans and his audience parts of the world that we didnt even know existed.steve, r.i.pxXxXxXxX, my regaurds to close friends and family. XX gottalovehim from bromley XX

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by gottalovehim

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One less animal cruelty person in the world. Bravo to the brave stingray, it spared future innocent creatures from Steve's harassment for profit. .

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by my two cents

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oh yes bravo to the stingray. now we can all go back to being the stupid ignorant idiots we once were. Steve Irwins shows educated us and made so many more people appreciate and aware of nature and all the animals within it. ahh its a sad sad day. x x x

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by Fortune_Cookie

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I read in the paper that they are guessing the reason the strignray struck out was because it felt cornered.There was a camera man infront of the ray and steve by its side and instead of running away the ray went into defensive mode and attacked. It really is very very sad, i was told he might have survived if the ray hadnt hit him in the heart. Im really sick of people on this post bagging others out for mourning for steve even if they didnt know him. Cant we just stop and think what an amazing thing it is when the death of a person ,that most of us have never met, can cause the ordinary Joe to break down and cry. Steve has touched so many people and he really promoted the typical Aussie larrikan. He didnt hassel the animals he educated the people, which in turn boosted animal charities and funds. Anyway i for one will really miss him and i dont give a crap if some narrowminded idiots find that pathetic. x x x

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I am devastated at the death of Steve “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin, and moved in a way that I didn’t expect.Steve has been our nation’s Champion for the interests of our wild-life, against those who would do them harm. I regret that, while he has been championing the interests of our wild-life, I have been content to rest, sure in the knowledge that he was speaking out on behalf of the rest of us, and acting for the greater good.Now he is gone, and there is no Champion.I realize now that I must shoulder my share of the national responsibility for the interests of our wild-life, because Champions are mortal.Accordingly; from now on I will now act, not rest, I will speak-out, and no longer hold my tongue. If there are another ten thousand out there that have come to the realisation that I have, then maybe we can be a poor substitute for a Champion like Steve.I have little idea of what is needed, but I will look to his actions and the direction he was taking, for a place to begin.Crikey, maybe we can all make a difference.

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by graeme w

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so does ant one actually know what steve done wrong to tick this sting ray off so much???? it does say that sting rays are very relaxed and need to be tormented to attack??? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by gottalovehim

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TO MY TWO CENTS dont you have any feelings what so ever, yeah he chased the animals but only to tell his fans and viewers about that certain animal or creature of some kind, and yeah fair enough everyone has their views but if that was you im sure you would want a little sympathy and would want people to respect you for what yopu had done.

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by gottalovehim

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omg MY TWO CENTS ur so nasty. how would you like it if an outsider wrote something evil about a member of your family.... let me guesss..... you wouldnt like it, have you met the guy?..... ermmm.... no, have you lived you life long dream and become famous world wide?? ermmm no coz if you did i would have heard of you.steve, ur a great insperation your life long dream has been achieved and you will be deeply missed. R.I.PXXXXXXX

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by gottalovehim

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Posted 15 years 3 months ago by my two cents

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To gottalovehim: The truth hurts. Don't you think his wife is pissed at him for being so reckless? Because if his childish taunting of an innocent create, his daughter is now fatherless! .

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by my two cents

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Hey MY TWO CENTS how would you like to read about an outsider disrespecting one of your close family members?????? well i can answer that for you.. you wouldnt. did u know the man? err... no.... have you lived your life dream and become famous world wide??? no coz if you had i would know before you go round disrespecting others think about it if that were you.have some respect...steve, ur great we will all miss you every sat morning.(and some afternoons and evenings)R.I.PXXXX

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Posted 15 years 3 months ago by gottalovehim

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hey steve seemed lyk a great, ambitious guy who loved his job as much as his family and the whole baby thing was up to him an his wife, i would trus him with my baby any day, he has been doing what he loves for so long and never been seriously hurt, and now this unfortunate thing has happend every one is knocking him about what he did, leave the poor guy alone if michael jackson can hang his baby over a balcony and get away with it why cant steve????( he knew his baby was in no danger)

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by gottalovehim

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Jeez, some people are crying as though he was Princess Diana! "Frozen in shock", "cried all morning." These people have serious emotional problems. Steve abused animals, chasing and scaring them for profit! .

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by my two cents

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It is with utter disbelief and shock that I write this comment here today. I could not believe the news I heard this morning. My heart and thoughts are with Terri and their kids at this sad sad time. Steve will NEVER be forgotton. He was a brave guy with a great personality a true legend. It would be slightly easier to take if he had been killed by a croc or snake but to be killed in a freak accident like this makes it, for me anyway, harder to take in. He has been on my mind all day and I actually shed some tears this morning. God bless you Steve may the angels look after you wherever you may be! Lynda B, London, England

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by lynda b

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His work on conservation sometimes seems to be overlooked or misunderstood. We'll miss you. Our thoughts are with the famliy, the world will be a little less interesting without him.

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by jasrre

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condolances to his family and close friends,, the guy was pure adrenaline ,, he had the kind of job we all would love to do ,, if only we had the balls,,from what i saw on tv he loved every single moment of it,,a true lover of all gods creatures, may the lord keep him and look over his nearest and dearest,, in your native toungue mate you were "BONZER"

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by donzi1971

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Posted 15 years 3 months ago by my two cents

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The animals have lost thier true champion, and so have I!! Time may heal all wounds,but this cuts pretty deep.Steve truly was the brightest star for man and animal kind. Showing we are all together as one.Be at peace my friend and godspeed to Terri and the kids. SEMPER FI your friend 4-ever in the USA ,see you on the other side!!!!!!!!!

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by king kull

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To the Irwin family, your loss is our loss.Steve was a great entertainer and educator.We love him and will miss him.Condolences from Colin and Barbara, Cape Town South Africa.

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by Colbar

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we lost a great man with a lot of meanin for the wild life.R.I.P yoli from the netherlands

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by yoli

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I am so saddened by the news. I have watched him for many years. My heart just broke when I heard the new s this morning. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. From the USA, we will all miss you Steve!!!!

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by terrisatx

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what a shocki coudent believe when i heard the news todaystev you will be missed by so many people all over the have done so much for the animals and you were a true insparation.i am trully sorry.wish the whole family lost of strenght.

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by yoli

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r.i.p. steveyou are great!!!all my family is fans of croc hunter and australian zoowe live a thousand miles away in smal eastern european country Bulgaria but we love u!!!great sorry for terry, bindy, bob

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by hipestz

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We have have watched the Crocodile Hunter, the Zoo and Steve himself this summer.Mark ( my son ) wanted to go to Australia again and visit the Irwin famaly ....So we and the world have lost a GREAT man. We were so chocked to hear this news that he was killed today. Our Condolances goes to Steve Irwins Family..We are so sorry for your loss.. Mark and Mike from Denmark

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by Mark and Mike F...

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We miss you Steve. Crocs Rule

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by Root

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I am deeply saddened by the news of the great Steve Irwins tragic death. He was a wonderful conservationist and a fantastically enthusiastic Australian. I feel for the young fans that he has left behind because without him they would not know what they know about the "world's deadliest" and all the other wonderful creatures that he taught us about. Most of all I would like to give my utter apologies and deepest condolences for his wife Terri and their two children, Bindi Sue and Bob. As with every death these days it seems god only takes the good ones and to I would like to say that he was a true modern-day legend and I can only hope that you reflect on all of that great things he did for people, nature, and Australia. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. All my loveMichelle Walker, Manchester, UK.

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by adenine1

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i would like to give my condolenses to his family. but i have to say that this was eventually going to happen. i have seen many of his documenties and instead of respecting the animal he does have a tendency for pissing it off. in all his documenties he has done this and obviously from this recent news, he pissed off a stingray to much, i am a driver myself and studying marine biology and i know that stingrays are usually fairly relaxed creatures. he must of done something very wrong to get attacked like that. i do obviously feel bad for his family. but this was an accident that was waiting to happen.

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by chrisied

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We are from Bulgaria but watching you made us Ozzies.My 8 y.o. son wants to become like you and I wish that he has your warm smile and dedication.We will miss you, Steve.I think everyone who knew you would.Rest in peace Crocodile HunterWe will never forget youBoris Cavda and Maria - Bulgaria

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by chavdar and boris

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Well, what can we say? I watched many a show of Steve's and all the time and would remember hearing my Dad or Grandad saying "G wizz, he's a bit close there" or "Flippin eck, that's a ... " I guess those days will be sadly over now. Training to be an Actor, I always used to think "Is Steve over hyping the whole thing?" Okay let's be honest, he liked to milk the scenes sometimes. Nice one Steve!!! : )Ultimately, he was the REAL thing. No messing about that. His whole image seemed to had suited what he loved doing.I never really got to hear much about his family but from what I had heard, he was a family guy. I must be off now but let me leave you with this sentence in memory of STEVE IRWIN: "Reach for the Moon, as even if you fail this time, you will still be amongst the Stars!!!"Nice one Steve and I look forward to watching an "In memory of Steve Irwin" Show no doubt very soon!Thank you for the work you have done!!!It's been a pleasure watching you in the REAL of things!Take CareCraig P (Wales, United Kingdom)x : ) x

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Posted 15 years 3 months ago by FROGGY2K6

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what a lovely man who has done so much for the planets animals,he has definatly left his mark on the world and all for the good.I feel so sorry for his freinds and fanily how do you fill such a big hole.good look to austailia zoo may it go from strength to strength.

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by jcm

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I'm so sorry to hear the bad news. My prayers go out to his family and friends. To all you talking recklessly,like you never have done anything someone dissagreed with, grow up and be honest with yourself!!! stop lieing to yourselves, because i know even as i type this someone somewhere dissagrees with something your doing,saying,believing or living!!! Oh, he should have respected the animals,shut up!!! Even if he got a little to close sometimes, he still has done more for them than you ever will!!! So be quite. Britta, first off your whole comment is stupid and makes no sense. You used words that didn't belong in certain sentences. You spelled some of your words wrong,and it just made no sense!!! Look at the mistakes you made. Hey how about we make a thread intitled- Britta the uneducated smut!!! Just because you made mistakes, should we all put you down??? And, why are you talking about slaughtering animals??? Some people eat meat, so what??? Let me guess your a vegetarian right??? Don't kill animals for food, because they are living biengs, and it's not fair to them,... right??? Well plants live and die... right??? Therefore they are living... right??? So it's ok to kill plants(which live)(and supply oxygen,very valuable to all living creatures) but not animals??? Keep your narrow minded opinions to yourself quasi modo. I laugh at these tards who say "well he shouldn't have been where wild animals are." Do you idiots know, we as humans are part of nature??? We at one time lived amongst the wild, and were ourselves wild. We just became more advanced, and over the centuries made the wild disappear from certain regions. So how can we say "Well he was a invader of their homes." Maybe he just remembers where he really came from unlike some of you who think humans were living in mansions far from wild animals, centuries ago. You people are so stupid and i'm tired of it!!! "Well he shouldn't have been where theres wild animals." So we should stay in the city forever??? Never go to the mountains??? Or the ocean??? Or the desert??? You idiots. we live amongst dangerous animals and insects in the city. Freakin mosquitos kill more people than sting rays and bears!!! You morons we live amongst people, and people kill more life than anything!!! "Well he got to close, therefore he didn't respect them." You talk bad about someone you never knew, or talked to, or met, now that's disrespect!!! What do you idiots do for a living??? Oh,wait i know your dumpster divers, diving in dumpsters to collect aluminum cans, not help with recycling, you do it for a living. I hope one day you don't get smashed by the lid, or accidentally get thrown into the garbage truck, or bit by a deadly spider, because if you do i'm going to post a thread about you saying "He/she shouldn't have got to close to the dumpster, he/she should have respected the dumster, and not have went where the dumpsters are." It's funny how people always point out other peoples mistakes, or talk bad about others just because they dissagree with them, or have different opinions or beliefs. When they themselves KNOW someone dissagrees,has a different opinion,or different beliefs than them. Steve was a good human,plain and simple. He made mistakes just like you and I. So what??? Please keep your stupid threads to yourselves. A life was lost, respect that!!!

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by jayden

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Steve knew he faced danger at every turn but he absolutely loved his life. His death seems so untimely for us but for him this is the way it was meant to be. Parents often wonder what kind of legacy they will leave behind for their children and I am sure Steve's children will be able to pass down many great stories of him to their generations. My heart goes out to the family and I will keep you all in my prayers. I am so sorry.

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by georgia

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Very sad to hear about a great man's life coming to a tragic end. He was my laugh and giggles on Animal Planet. I'm sure many many people with be very heart sore to learn of this sad news.T

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by Very sad

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I was absolutely gob smacked when i heard the news this morning about Steve Irwin. I was gutted - He was such an inspiration and entertainer maiking wildlife interesting for everyone young and old.I send out my most heartfelt condolences to all his family who i am sure like us will miss him

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by Crocodiletears

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I can't believe Steve has gone. He was a complete legend, he will always be remembered as such. My heart goes out to his family. Absolutely gutted :(Zillah (UK)

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by Zillah

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i cant believe this has happened! Steve Irwin was a super guy, loved everything and everyone. He entertained me many times in the past years, on his amazing tv shows. It's all too shocking, but, at least the last thing he did was something he loved. Thoughts are with the family. R.I.P Steve x

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by han31

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Unbelievable, shocking. I can't believe Steve is gone. I have watched hi many times, and have even swam and touched sting rays many times. This has to be just such a freak accident, for it to happen just that way to do this. really makes you think, if something like that can happen to someone like him with his experience. It is a real loss to lose his shows on the amazement of nature. COndolences to his family and associates. GH

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by turbo210

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I saw many of his shows and i admired him a lot! I believe we all lost something today. We miss you Steve!

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by nolty

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We are the richer for having had Steve in this world - lets hope we can all take something from his legacy this would be the finest tribute we could give him - to love the planet and all the life that lives upon it. Condolences to his family - thank you for sharing him with the rest of us.Rest in peace

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by Wellingtonian

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my family are very sad and shocked about steve he was very good with animals in a way that makes children want to watch and learn he will be missed. our love goes out to terri and the children hope that when they are ready that they will continue to do the good work..

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by kids57911

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SHOW SOME RESPECT 2 cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He was a great man with a family that just lost a loving father and husband. His great zoo lost a great man. Australia lost a great icon. Environmentalists just lost a great liaison!All love and strength to all of those in Steve's World including Family, Friends, co-workers, and the many true fans the world over.Rest in Peace SteveCrikey!

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by Rest In Peace Steve

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Posted 15 years 3 months ago by my two cents

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My condolences to Steve's family and friends. He was a great person, to use his expertise to teach a generation of kids about animals in the wild. He will be missed by people all over the world. Best wishes,Pete

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by YorkPaFisherman

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a terrible shame ... my heart goes out to the irwin family...A wonderfull person has gone .

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by wanda

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Sorry to all those that were close to Steve, love to his wife and kids. we'll miss him.I thought he was great.You hope that in a way he died doing something he loved.Jade (Dorset, England)

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by bonijade

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I´m heartbroken. The news about Steves dead has hit me like a ton of bricks. The world has lost a great man, and the wildlife has lost it´s most valurable spokesperson. But it´s nothing compared to the great loss his family must suffer.

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Posted 15 years 3 months ago by JUNEHULL ENGLAND


s**t he was like my hero i want 2 work with him some day but no he got kill by the animal he loves f**k dis sucks

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by Steve's fan

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........ I'm still in disbelief. whoa.

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by piccolizzzi

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OMFG this man was a real lengend im so upset to see a man with a big heart for animals and his family die. My heart goes out to his family and all his friends this was a real bad upsetting moment for people all over austrailia that truely a shame to see a man die what he truley loved doing. I might be a man from uk (england) but i have been watching steve on his travels with really dangerous animals for years.People that read this i just wanna say im sorry for the lost you have heard about my heart grieves with you may this lengends ongoings never die.:( :( :( :(

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by ciplatt2005

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what is stingray i dont understand this word i am fromcroatia

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by nana

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We live less than a mile from the Zoo, our community is in SHOCK like the majority of people around the world who really know this kind and extremely generous man.No matter how we feel it can't possible compare to the devestation his family (who now know) must be feeling.If we were to name 5 people of good standing that you would'nt like to loose ... Steve would be on most peoples list here!

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by storm trooper

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Yes, Steve (Crikey) Irwin has died from a stingray barb through the chest whilst filming a scene underwater.Classic 'Occa' bloke who made us both laugh and quiver at his antics.Great respect for the guy as he loved life, loved his family and loved animals.Will miss u fellah. The next beer I crack open will be for u mate.

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by Kain

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This is sooo terrible! I feel so bad for his wife and children! His daughter looked up to him so much, now he'll never see her grow up! i can't believe he's dead and his wife doesn't even know yet. it's all so shocking.

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by silverswirl

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Bummer. What a nice personality. Was obviously a good family man. My condolences to the family on this the worst of nights for them. This is such a short life we are given and there is nothing like an untimely death of someone we love to roc our world. My best friend was killed this summer and I miss him so. Tragedy doesnt repect our sense of what is fair.Only the best,Roosterman

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by Roosterman

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Steve irwin has died after being struck by a Sting Ray. Barb went through his chest off Port douglas whilst filming a documentary

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by mama bear

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Yes, it is true, it was just on the news

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by Dodds

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