At the ripe age of 67, comedian and actor Steve Martin is finally a dad.

Having played some of the best known fathers in feature film comedies (in Father of the Bride and Cheaper by the Dozen) Martin has become a father with his second wife. As the New York Post reported, a source said that Martin and his 41 year old wife, Anne Stringfield had worked hard to have a baby and were surprised that they had managed to keep it a secret for so long. It's thought that baby-Martin arrived some time in December, though evidently, the couple, who have been married for 5 years, wanted to have some time alone with the infant.

Despite having played some of the best dads in comedy, having written about his own father a few times in the past, it seems that Martin didn't have a great role model to begin with. "My father's attitude toward my show-business accomplishments was critical. After my first appearance on 'Saturday Night Live' . . . he wrote a bad review of me in the newsletter of the Newport Board of Realtors where he was president," Martin has said in the past. While the unsupportive image of his own father may not be the kind of father he'd like to be, there are plenty of other fathers in his career that he could emulate. 

With Martin's great sense of humour, wonderful musical talent and obvious intelligence, Martin's child will undoubtedly find a great father in him.