Jackass’ daredevil Steve-O is recovering in hospital after breaking both legs when a stunt involving a wooden porta potty went seriously wrong. The 42-year-old broke his right ankle in three places, as well as his left heel, during the crazy stunt and has undergone surgery in California to repair the damage.

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Steve-O began the stunt on his skateboard on top of a wooden porta potty as pro skateboarder Tony Hawk looked on and filmed the whole thing. He then got skateboarder Danny Way to drive a car into the porta potty, but it all went terribly wrong as Steve-O crashed and landed on his feet.

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Posting the video of the stunt to Instagram, Hawk wrote: “Final injury tally: broken/dislocated ankle, fractured heel, and sprained wrist. Don’t try this at home... or anywhere.”

Steve-O later shared a photo of himself in hospital on Instagram and told fans: “I really did a number on myself today. Apologies in advance for the images of my foot sticking out sideways-- wish me luck in surgery!”

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According to TMZ, after the accident Steve-O’s right ankle was set it in a temporary cast until the swelling went down and he was able to go into surgery. The 42-year-old will also be in for a painful recovery period as the gossip site reports he will not be receiving any 'pain pills’ as he is a recovering addict.