Drummers including former GUNS N' ROSES star STEVEN ADLER and Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith have signed up to take part in a tribute to late Led Zeppelin percussionist JOHN BONHAM to mark the 30th anniversary of his death.
Bonham, nicknamed Bonzo, died in 1980 at the age of 32, effectively ending Led Zeppelin's music career - the group disbanded three months after he passed away.
He will be remembered at a tribute concert in Los Angeles on 25 September (10) - exactly 30 years after the tragedy - and stars including Adler and Smith, as well as Bonham's son Jason, will take to the stage to play drums on some of Led Zeppelin's most famous tracks.
The show, titled Bonzo: The Groove Remains The Same, will take place at the Key Club in Hollywood and will also include performances from former Black Sabbath star Vinny Appice and Scorpions' James Kottak, among others.
Whitesnake drummer Brian Tichy, who co-organised the event, tells Blabbermouth.net, "Not a day goes by where I don't think of John Bonham's snare sound, and it hit me - 'Why isn't there a Bonzo tribute where every drummer gets up... and plays their favourite Zeppelin song?' I thought of all the drummers I know that worship at the altar of John Bonham and being in L.A., there are so many here."