This summer saw the announcement of a new 'Dracula' series by 'Sherlock' showrunners Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, and it's now been confirmed that the show has been given the greenlight by BBC One and Netflix. We could be looking at the most exciting vampire series since 'Buffy'!

Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss at ComicConSteven Moffat and Mark Gatiss at ComicCon

The program will be airing on the BBC network in the UK and Netflix elsewhere, though no premiere date has been announced as of yet. It has previously been claimed that it might not appear on our screens until as late as 2020, but the writing duo have been working on the script since January/ February this year.

'There have always been stories about great evil', Moffat and Gatiss said in a statement this week. 'What's special about Dracula, is that Bram Stoker gave evil its own hero.'

Still, they refuse to say much else on the matter as of yet. All we know is that, unlike 'Sherlock', the Dracula series will be set in Victorian times and won't feature him solving crimes. It will also be split into three parts at 90-minutes each, though it's difficult to say whether or not that means it will be more of a limited mini-series. 

'We're keeping schtum about what we're going to do', Moffat said last year. 'We've got an idea of how we're going to handle Dracula, but we're not saying what it is.'

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Meanwhile, the future of 'Sherlock' is still very much unknown, although the pair have said in the past that they had a fifth series in mind. As of last year, they were still uncertain on whether or not it was going to be produced, and while star Benedict Cumberbatch and Moffat have expressed interest in continuing the series, there are no plans in place for future episides just yet.