Steven Spielberg doesn't think 3-D is "for everyone".

The multiple Oscar-winning director - who has recently worked as a producer on 3-D movies 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' and 'The Adventures of Tintin' - believes it can be a useful tool for some films, but doesn't think all executives should use it.

He said: "People who just do 3-D just for the sake of commercialising their movie another five or six per cent and they don't know really how to do it, they should care how to do it better by bringing other directors and collaborators into their lives to help teach and instruct how you really make a 3-D movie because it's not just like putting a new lens on a camera and forgetting it.

"It takes a lot of very careful consideration. It will change your approach to where you put the cameras. So, 3-D isn't for everybody."

However, the 64-year-old filmmaker does hope the technique will eventually be something people don't notice when they go to watch a movie.

He said: "I'm certainly hoping that 3-D gets to the point where people do not notice it because once they stop noticing it, it just becomes another tool and an aid to help tell a story. Then maybe they can make the ticket prices comparable to a 2-D movie and not charge such exorbitant prices just to gain entry into a 3-D one."