Steven Spielberg is bringing forth an exciting new live action Disney adaptation that's bound to become another of his family favourites. Roald Dahl's 'The BFG' is finally being brought to the big screen more than 30 years since the book was first published.

Ruby Barnhill in The BFG'The BFG' is Ruby Barnhill's film debut

It's a charming story with an even share of comedy, thrills and magic and it stars Mark Rylance from 'Bing' as the Big Friendly Giant himself. Of course, if you've had a deprived childhood, you won't know who on Earth we're talking about.

The Big Friendly Giant (or BFG for short) is a 24 foot tall benevolent being with enormous ears, who likes to cast dreams over sleeping children - though never nightmares. Unfortunately, he's rather an outcast, being the only one of his kind without a taste for children, preferring to eat admittedly less appetising vegetables instead. Soon he meets a sleepless little girl named Sophie whom he takes to his home and shows her all about the work he does catching dreams for kids.

There's danger ahead for both of them along the way though as the violent giants target them, and they must come up with a way to defeat these monsters and save the children of the world. All they need is a little help from the Queen of England.

Watch the trailer for 'The BFG' here:

Ruby Barnhill from CBBC's '4 O'Clock Club' plays Sophie in her film debut, while 'What We Do In The Shadows' star Jemaine Clement and 'Saturday Night Live' comic Bill Hader play two evil giants. Penelope Wilton and Rebecca Hall also join the cast.

Spielberg re-teamed with screenwriter Melissa Mathison for the project, with whom he worked on his 1982 epic 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial'. Sadly, it became the last script helmed by Mathison as she passed away on November 4th 2015 - thus, 'The BFG' will be dedicated in her memory.

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'The BFG' is set for release in the UK on July 2016.

The BFGMark Rylance plays the BFG