The Nick Castle film, about a teenage video game fan who is sent into outer space to fight in an interstellar war, was one of the first Hollywood blockbusters to use computer-generated imagery back in 1984.

It has since become a cult classic and multiple efforts have been made over the years to obtain the rights to remake the picture.

Actor Seth Rogen revealed last year (14) that even director Steven Spielberg's bid to tackle the project was rejected by original writer Jonathan R. Betuel.

Now Betuel has announced plans to launch a Starfighter-themed TV show and he's keen to push the boundaries of technology again by including virtual reality scenes, allowing viewers with high-tech headsets to experience the show in a whole different way.

Betuel tells, "It’s a very interesting blend. The otherworldiness of it lends itself to VR (virtual reality)."

However, The Starfighter Chronicles will not continue the story of the 1984 film - instead, it will be a series documenting alien law enforcement.

The project is being developed with bosses at virtual reality entertainment firm

A scheduled launch date for the TV series has yet to be revealed.