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30th October 2016

Quote: "Jay Z's still the king. I mean, he's got a track record. Same with Kanye (West), so there's a lot of talent out there, but when I look at who's breaking new ground, Kendrick (Lamar) and Chance (The Rapper), those guys are doing just amazing work." U.S. President Barack Obama names his favourite hip hop artists.

12th July 2016

Tweet: "O MY GODDESS...MY NEW BABY GIRL GRANDDAUGHTER LULA ROSE GARDNER...I'M A TRIPLE CROWN PAPA SMURF PROUD GRANDPA STEVEN" Rocker Steven Tyler gushes over the newest member of his family, granddaughter Lula. The Aerosmith frontman's actress daughter Liv Tyler gave birth to her third child over the weekend (ends09Jul16).

27th March 2016

Quote: "I have moments that I'm so grateful that some nine-year-old kid comes over and says they loved the Skittles half-time commercial at the Super Bowl, or some 40-year-old got married to I Don't Want to Miss a Thing." Fame doesn't always suck for Aerosmith star Steven Tyler.

25th March 2016

Quote: "No matter what he has said recently about jealousy, I couldn't be here... if it wasn't for Joe Perry." Steven Tyler honours his Aerosmith bandmate, despite negative comments the guitarist made recently about the singer's new country album project.

24th September 2015

Quote: "I get nervous and I can't remember my name. I gotta have teleprompters out for Dream On when girls are lifting up their shirts at a rock concert." Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler has a hard time memorising the lyrics to his own songs.

6th September 2015

Fact: Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler thrilled fans in Moscow, Russia, on Friday (04Sep15) when he stopped on the street to duet with a musician performing the band's hit I Don't Want to Miss a Thing. Video of the impromptu duet has been posted online.

21st July 2015

Fact: Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler posed for a photograph with a pair of newlyweds after the couple found his lost dog in the elevator of the hotel all three were staying in. According to, Ken Morrison and his new wife found the Shih Tzu alone in the elevator and took it to the front desk of the Fairmont Hotel in Edmonton, Canada and Tyler thanked them with a chat and picture.

19th June 2015

Quote: "There's always the past, but we try to keep the past out of it. When Joe gets in my s**t about something, I say, 'Don't squat with your spurs on'. It's a band, and it's a family. I'll do it until I come screeching to a halt, all broken and battered and can't stand up anymore." Steven Tyler on his love-hate relationship with Aerosmith bandmate Joe Perry.

17th June 2015

Fact: Steven Tyler's daughter Chelsea is reportedly preparing to wed fellow musician Jon Foster in California this weekend (20-21Jun15). The couple became engaged last year (14).

14th May 2015

Quote: "Nobody knows how country I am. As a kid I used to trudge through 10 miles of snow just for cigarettes and sex." Aerosmith star Steven Tyler insists his transition as a country music star isn't so bizarre.

27th February 2015

Fact: Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has recorded a new rendition of the band's hit Janie's Got A Gun for the soundtrack of Natalie Portman's new western Jane Got a Gun.

30th January 2015

Fact: Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Chris Evans and Steven Tyler were among the stars who took part in a Super Bowl-related skit on Jimmy Kimmel's late-night U.S. chat show. The celebrities all tried to convince Tv viewers that the Bostonian characters they had created were responsible for deflating footballs for the New England Patriots' NFC Championship clash with the Indianapolis Colts. Quarterback Tom Brady has denied reports he asked equipment bosses to let air out of game balls so he and his teammates could get a better grip. The Patriots won the game and will take on the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl on Sunday (01Feb15).

22nd December 2014

Tweet: "We Loved You Forever, We Will Miss You Always...Rip Joe Cocker." Aerosmith star Steven Tyler pays tribute to Joe Cocker, who died on Monday (22Dec14).

3rd December 2014

Fact: Steven Tyler and Nuno Bettencourt thrilled reporters at a South African press conference on Wednesday (03Dec14) by performing the guitarist's 1990 Extreme tune More Than Words. The duo was promoting upcoming gigs by supergroup Kings Of Chaos, which also features Matt Sorum, Gilby Clarke, Duff MCKagan, ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons and Robin Zander of Cheap Trick.

23rd July 2014

Tweet: "Happy Rockin Birthday @Slash.... Glad You're Still Alive Because You Killed It On Stage Last Night!!!" Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler marks his tour mate Slash's 49th birthday on Wednesday (23Jul14) with a complimentary tweet.

24th June 2014

Quote: "I always have to raid his cupboards because he's got all the best creams. He's a major moisturiser. He'll cover his whole body in oil and moisturiser and walk around the house in a pair of shorts." Actress Liv Tyler spills her dad, Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler's beauty secrets.

23rd June 2014

Tweet: "What Songs Do You Wanna Hear That You've Never Heard Before?? Bring It On... #Letrockrulesetlist". Rocker Steven Tyler appeals for fans' input to help Aerosmith determine the setlist for their upcoming joint tour with Slash. The gigs kick off in New York on 10 July (14).

30th April 2014

Quote: "A breast. That happens all the time. You get to sign a vagina every now and then. I always tell them, 'Are you sure you want me to sign that thing? Your boyfriend might get a bit p**sed off next time he's down there.'" Aerosmith star Steven Tyler receives some odd autograph requests from fans.

15th April 2014

Quote: "That's why I have a teleprompter." Aerosmith star Steven Tyler jokes about needing lyric help when busty fans flash their boobs at him during shows.

9th April 2014

Quote: "Slash did a drawing of Aerosmith before he got into rock and roll and I asked him if I could buy it and he said 'No'. I said, 'Can we rent it?' So we put it in the inside cover of our last album." Rocker Steven Tyler on using former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash's fan art for their 2012 record Music from Another Dimension! Aerosmith and Slash are joining forces for a joint North American tour this summer (14).

30th March 2014

Fact: Veteran rocker Steven Tyler was treated to a surprise party in Los Angeles on Thursday night (27Mar14) to mark his 66th birthday. The Aerosmith star's children Mia, Taj and Chelsea joined forces to organise the bash at the 1Oak nightclub, where Chelsea's band BadBad took to the stage to entertain guests, including comedian Jim Carrey and Dj and Tv personality Ryan Seacrest. The birthday boy's actress daughter Liv Tyler was unable to attend due to filming commitments.

15th January 2014

Fact: Shock jock Howard Stern is celebrating his 60th birthday with an all-star party - rockers Jon Bon Jovi, Steven Tyler and John Fogerty are all slated to perform at his milestone bash on 31 January (14) at New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom. Stern's actual birthday was on Sunday (12Jan14).

2nd January 2014

Fact: Rockers Alice Cooper, Richie Sambora, Steven Tyler and Sammy Hagar rang in 2014 in style in Maui, by performing together with The Doobie Brothers at a charity gig. The supergroup was joined by Weird Al Yankovic at the Wailea Beach Marriott hotel for the Maui Food Bank benefit.

9th December 2013

Fact: Rockers Steven Tyler and Lenny Kravitz treated attendees at an art bash in Miami, Florida to an impromptu performance of Aerosmith classic Walk This Way on Thursday night (05Dec13). Guests at the Wall venue included fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger and Paris and Nicky Hilton.

11th September 2013

Fact: Steven Tyler has written the foreword to Betty Ford Clinic boss Dr. Harry Haroutunian's new book, Being Sober. The medic helped the Aerosmith regain his sobriety after a relapse in 2009. Ironically, Haroutunian also worked the door at one of the band's first shows in Boston, Massachusetts.

11th September 2013

Quote: "It's no secret how much I love that woman, I had a great time... but I don't know, I'm not sure if I'd go back." Steven Tyler can't decide if he'll ever return to American Idol as a judge.

5th September 2013

Fact: Aerosmith star Steven Tyler took a break from writing new tunes in Nashville, Tennessee on Monday (02Sep13) to perform the group's hit Jaded with songwriter Marti Frederiksen onstage at tiny club the Bluebird Cafe.

9th August 2013

Quote: "We were all waiting for a load of blow to come. (Bandmate) Joe Perry was onstage and I ran up onstage and started jamming with him. Who knew that from jamming with Joe, it would become so big and do what it did?" Aerosmith star Steven Tyler reveals the story behind the band's smash hit Walk This Way.

21st June 2013

Quote: "It's usually about something around the band and the band is so much bigger than us... and, remember, we're five guys; it's hard enough with women... It's about the songs on an album and then we get downtime and we got too much money, too much time off and just stuff happens." Steven Tyler on his frequent spats with his Aerosmith bandmates.

13th March 2013

Quote: "She's blonde with all the hits. Taylor Swift. She's hot. More than that, she's beyond talented. I have to write a song with her." Rocker Steven Tyler is keen to collaborate with Taylor Swift.

3rd March 2013

Quote: "I never knew how much Steven probably taught me how to sing growing up because they've been around for so long that I would have been listening to him from birth. He knows I'm a big fan so I try not to geek out too much when I'm around them. With him, you listen and he talks. He has the most amazing and crazy stories that I want to soak up." Country star Carrie Underwood is a huge fan of Steven Tyler after learning to sing by performing Aerosmith tracks.

26th February 2013

Quote: "I was called terrible names when I was a kid. Pinhead, and n**ger-lips. For a white boy who grew up in the Bronx, that’s terrible. Now I’m honoured by that. (I was) beaten up, spit at, (called) queer. So we got a band together." Rocker Steven Tyler admits his tormented youth turned him into the star he is today.

25th November 2012

Quote: "I wrote the string parts first and then I added tuba. I've argued with Joe (Perry) for years that we've got to write a song with tuba and he's laughed at me. But I was serious." Steven Tyler on the band's new song Another Last Goodbye.

2nd November 2012

Quote: "This band is like a 40-year marriage. Using sex toys every now and then may help save it." Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler jokes about how spicing things up in the recording studio helped breathe new life into the band's first album since 2004.

29th October 2012

Quote: "I didn't quite understand why we'd go to Disney World and my dad had to wear a fake beard and a big hat, and keep his head down. I was trying to go on rides." Rocker Steven Tyler's youngest daughter Chelsea was baffled by the Aerosmith rocker's need for disguises when she was a child.

11th September 2012

Fact: Steven Tyler's Aerosmith bandmate Joe Perry is set to become a reality TV star again after returning to the set of U.S. show Sons Of Guns. The rock legend will join Will Hayden and his team of gunsmiths at Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based Red Jacket Firearms on 19 September (12) in a bid to get a beloved black powder Lyle cannon restored and repaired.

22nd July 2012

Quote: "They took the nerves out of my foot, so I don't really feel my toes and s**t. And my knee hurts from the Acl reconstruction... As long as I get a day or two off between shows, I'm f**king golden." Rocker Steven Tyler on how he plans his tours.

21st July 2012

Quote: "It was a mudfest, the stage was soaking wet. There were tornado warnings! It wasn't just, 'Tyler was doing drugs'." Steven Tyler insists there were many factors that led to his famous stage fall during an Aerosmith concert in South Dakota in 2009.

15th July 2012

Quote: "Yes, I am interested as a judge!" Aretha Franklin adds her name to the mix as a possible replacement for Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler on the American Idol judging panel.

14th July 2012

Quote: "Steven and Jennifer are truly two of the most talented and consummate professionals I've worked with. I was friends with them before we hopped on this crazy journey together and I have no doubt our friendships will continue long after. I will love them for life." Randy Jackson reacts to news that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are leaving the American Idol panel, leaving him the only remaining judge until replacements are announced.

23rd March 2012

Fact: Rocker Steven Tyler had a special birthday treat on Thursday night (22Mar12) when Aerosmith bandmate Joe Perry stepped onstage during the American Idol results show to perform Happy Birthday with the contestants. Tyler was clearly moved by the guitarist's performance. Tyler's actress daughter Liv Tyler and her son Milo were in the audience for the tribute. The rocker turns 64 on Monday (26Mar12).

9th March 2012

Quote: "To be honest, I was expecting it... He wasn't in good shape and I was pretty p**sed off at that point." Guitarist Joe Perry on Aerosmith bandmate Steven Tyler's fall from grace when he took a misstep during a 2009 summer show and fell from a stage in South Dakota. The band was forced to scrap the rest of the tour as Tyler recovered from his injuries.

28th February 2012

Quote: "I'll give him a call and say, 'Throw me a party'." Steven Tyler is considering asking Elton John to organise his bachelor party before he weds fiancee Erin Brady.

28th February 2012

Quote: "They were a couple of freaks from Atlanta. He was a businessman and he was there with his girlfriend and he said that she'd been a fan of mine for 20-odd years... It was a beautiful night." Rocker Steven Tyler on the couple who bid to attend the Elton John annual Oscars party in West Hollywood on Sunday night (26Feb12) as his guests.

28th February 2012

Quote: "I'm standing there talking to a good friend of mine and Erin Brady, my girlfriend and soon-to-be wife, and I feel someone grab my a** - and it's Cloris Leachman." Steven Tyler was felt up at Elton John's post Oscars party on Sunday (26Feb12).

25th February 2012

Fact: Rocker Steven Tyler stunned TV viewers when he mooned American Idol cameras at the end of Thursday's (23Feb12) taped show in Las Vegas after stripping off to dive into a pool at the Wynn Casino. The unpredictable star's bare bum was covered by an Idol sticker as he pulled down his underwear before taking a dip.

16th February 2012

Quote: "I hate this disease... I know she's had problems with her demons, as I've had myself - and she's lost." Steven Tyler on the alcoholism and drug abuse that dogged the late Whitney Houston.

14th February 2012

Quote: "I got a house in Hawaii somewhere and I plan on being on the lawn that night." Rocker Steven Tyler on his plans for the last night on earth, which is scheduled for later this year (12), according to historical seers.

23rd January 2012

Quote: "Everything I've ever made a commitment (to) I've made successful - even a few botched marriages... I've got four beautiful kids, I still love their mums. I just screwed up." Rocker Steven Tyler insists his two failed marriages have been successful as he plans a third to fiancee Erin Brady.

23rd January 2012

Quote: "I figure the last time is the best." Rocker Steven Tyler is confident it will be third time lucky after proposing to new fiancee Erin Brady on Christmas Day (25Dec11).

23rd January 2012

Quote: "I think that was great. That was great. Very soulful." Aerosmith rocker and American Idol judge Steven Tyler gives U.S. President Barack Obama the thumbs up for his brief rendition of Al Green's Let's Stay Together at a fundraiser in New York on Thursday (19Jan12).

18th January 2012

Quote: "She's a good friend of mine. I love her spunk and spirit." Aerosmith star Steven Tyler on his fondness for Lady GaGa.

18th January 2012

Quote: "If it wasn't for cocaine I don't think the band would have played every state in the United States nine times in seven years. There was no MTV back then... Peruvian marching powder (cocaine); it was like, 'Iowa, three in a row? Gimme that...' It's what we did." Steven Tyler on how hard drugs helped Aerosmith develop a reputation for being a hard-working band.

5th January 2012

Quote: "I came from a really down time and jumped into this. It allowed me to keep busy with something really relevant... (and) people could see the other side of me, where I can be personable and show that I've got a weak, sensitive side." Steven Tyler on his experience as an American Idol judge.

5th January 2012

Quote: "There have been about 10 contestants who just nailed it. We're just so tired of hearing it, though. Every three songs it's that same song." Steven Tyler admits he and his fellow American Idol judges are tired of hearing wannabes belt out Adele's Someone Like You at auditions.

4th July 2011

Quote: "I remember my first conversation with my dad... he told me to cross my legs because I was sitting in a chair wearing a skirt and a big sweatshirt... I remember that vividly. And to this day, even when I get out of a town car and there's paparazzi, my knees are locked together!" Actress Liv Tyler learned an early lesson in how to behave like a lady from her rocker father Steven Tyler.

23rd June 2011

Quote: "I'm proud of my father. I admire his courage to do American Idol at this time of his life. He's fabulous. Charming. Magical. Friends my age tell me, 'I have a crush on your father.' We're both busy working, but we see one another. We speak. We text constantly." Liv Tyler on her famous dad, Aerosmith rocker Steve Tyler.

26th May 2011

Quote: "I never wanted to do American Idol. I turned around and said, 'The show sucks. How can kids be an American Idol? They haven't played clubs, they haven't paid their dues, they haven't done what we did.' I was wrong. They are out there, we just have to wade through a bunch of them." Rocker and new American Idol judge Steven Tyler was skeptical of joining Simon Cowell's talent show.

13th May 2011

Quote: "I love it. I'm having too much fun to not (return). So we'll see what happens." Rocker Steven Tyler suggests he's sticking around as a judge for another season of American Idol.

12th May 2011

Quote: "First of all, I've never been with a guy when I've been with three or four women. I just don't swing that way; I'm sorry... (and) I wasn't that promiscuous, let's just say he was dreaming about my schlong." Steven Tyler disputes former Guns N' Roses star Steven Adler's story about catching sight of the Aerosmith frontman's large manhood during a tourbus orgy.

29th April 2011

Quote: "Richie and I would have gotten a Grammy from Beelzebub for all the drugs we took. I was snorting f**king (sleeping pill) Lunesta; doing Nepalese Temple Balls." Recovering addict Steven Tyler pays tribute to songwriter pal Richie Supa at the Prism Awards in Hollywood on Thursday night (28Apr11). Supa was being honoured for writing the song Last House on the Block.

28th April 2011

Quote: "If you think going out in front of high-def (definition) cameras and millions of people, I'm not high on adrenaline, you're crazy. I'm stoned when that curtain drops. I just don't snort the curtain dropping." Sober rocker Steven Tyler insists the rush of excitement is the only high he experiences when he serves as a judge on hit U.S. reality show American Idol.

27th April 2011

Quote: "I'm really lucky right now. I'm on top of the world. I'm Hollywood's little f**kin' sweetheart, basically." Steven Tyler is relishing his new popularity after becoming a judge on TV talent show American Idol.

7th April 2011

Quote: "I imagine him on a Sunday afternoon at home eating cupcakes on the couch, like fully bedazzled at all times." Country singer Carrie Underwood is convinced her Academy of Country Music Awards duet partner pal Steven Tyler is always dressed to impress.

31st March 2011

Quote: "He goes everywhere in a stretch (limo). He goes like grocery shopping in a stretch." Actress Liv Tyler admits her rocker father Steven Tyler has a flashy way of getting around.

8th February 2011

Quote: "From what I've seen and from what I've heard, it all seems to be going well, I always thought that would be the case. I think they've done a good job." Simon Cowell has applauded new American Idol judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler following his departure from the panel last year (10).

3rd February 2011

Quote: "I have to say this new American Idol gang make me so excited, because you just feel so happy now. As opposed to before, I would watch it... (and) I would feel so horrible for those people who are going out there... It just (felt) negative." Jennifer Aniston has found a new love for TV talent show American Idol since Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler joined the judging panel.

26th January 2011

Quote: "He's saving the show because it was kind of boring before. There's only so many times you can watch Simon (Cowell) be mean to people... It's so nice to see him up there." Steven Tyler's daughter Mia is a big fan of her father's turn as a judge on American Idol.

20th January 2011

Quote: "It would be like if I had cameras in my house when my kids were growing up. I get to be more vulnerable, honest, open and more in the moment." Steven Tyler has promised fans will see a different side of him through his judging role on American Idol.

19th January 2011

Quote: "I already called Joe to tell him not to watch, knowing full well that he will." Steven Tyler has told his Aerosmith bandmate Joe Perry not to watch his TV stint on American Idol.

13th January 2011

Quote: "I gotta get up every 20 minutes to go pee. It's gotten me in trouble, the fact that I can't sit still." Aerosmith star Steven Tyler fidgets.

7th January 2011

Quote: "He's a good friend of mine. I went to a picnic with him and he taught me how to fry a turkey." Aerosmith star Steven Tyler refuses to enter a war of words with Kid Rock after he publicly criticised the Cryin' singer for becoming an American Idol judge.

21st December 2010

Quote: "She's ridiculous. You know, she's exactly what I thought she'd be. She's street." Rocker Steven Tyler is impressed by Jennifer Lopez, his fellow judge on the upcoming season of American Idol.

23rd November 2010

Quote: "I always said it had to be someone who wasn't better looking than me and they achieved it." Simon Cowell jokes about his American Idol replacement Steven Tyler.

5th November 2010

Quote: "He’s just jealous." Aerosmith star Steven Tyler responds to Kid Rock's criticism of his decision to become a judge on TV talent show American Idol.

27th October 2010

Quote: "The reason I took this gig was because I promised myself I'd find the new Janis Joplin and I think I've found her." Steven Tyler on the 15-year-old American Idol wannabe he discovered while sitting in on auditions for the talent show.

21st October 2010

Fact: Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler will sing the American national anthem at the ice hockey game between the Boston Bruins and the Washington Capitals in Boston, Massachusetts on Thursday (21Oct10).

20th October 2010

Quote: "I can truly say that I lost to a worthy opponent." Rocker BRET MICHAELS has no hard feelings towards Steven Tyler, who beat the Poison frontman to the job as a judge on the upcoming season of American Idol.

30th September 2010

Quote: "There were a lot of tears. (It was) kinda hard for me, but I'll get over it." Steven Tyler struggled with his first day as an American Idol judge in New Jersey on Tuesday (28Sep10).

23rd September 2010

Quote: "I'll tell you one thing, when we put this band together, this is not something that he would do." Times have changed for Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, according to bandmate Joe Perry. The singer was unveiled as one of the new American Idol judges, alongside Jennifer Lopez, on Wednesday (22Sep10).

23rd September 2010

Quote: "At first they were jealous, they heard it through the press and not through me. But then I said to them, 'Four months ago you were looking for another lead singer.' So things go up and down." Aerosmith star Steven Tyler on how his bandmates reacted to news he was the new judge on TV talent show American Idol.

13th August 2010

Quote: "I'm very judgemental of the guys in the band. I know when to say, 'Don't bore us - get to the chorus!' and I think I'd bring credibility to that forum if I was asked to do it." Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler on his ability to judge U.S. TV singing competition American Idol. The rocker recently confirmed he is in talks with Fox network executives to take over one of the vacant slots left by Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres.

6th August 2010

Quote: "Again, the four of us were in shock. It was a replay of last year, except this time he had a job... It's like getting hit over the head." Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry is still reeling from the news his bandmate Steven Tyler may quit the band for a second time amid rumours he's been chosen as the new American Idol judge.

2nd August 2010

Quote: "So many of us have gone through the same thing. When somebody like Steven Tyler tells you that he's been through what you've been through and that you're going to be OK, you're going to listen." Former GUNS N' ROSES drummer STEVEN ADLER was given advice by Aerosmith frontman STEVEN TYLER as he battled addiction.

2nd August 2010

Quote: "The rumours are true... I'm pregnant with (Aerosmith guitarist) Joe Perry's baby."AEROSMITH rocker Steven Tyler pokes fun at reports he is set to join the judging panel on reality TV show American Idol.

27th May 2010

Fact: Rocker Steven Tyler's daughter Mia has launched a new heavy metal management firm for up-and-coming acts.

19th March 2010

Quote: "I've been married to those guys for nearly 40 years." Steven Tyler insists his relationship with his Aerosmith bandmates is like a marriage. The group almost split over Christmas (09) after the frontman announced plans to take a two-year hiatus before checking into rehab to tackle painkiller issues.

27th October 2009

Fact: Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is going solo for an evening. The singer will host a charity event, titled Dream On, An Intimate Evening with Steven Tyler, in Concord, New Hampshire on 23 January (09). The night will see him perform and stage a question-and-answer session with the audience to raise money for good causes.

14th November 2008

Quote: "Every third girl is lifting up her shirt and flashing me. When I see stuff like that, of course I'm going to forget the lyrics." Aerosmith star Steven Tyler admits flashing fans distract him at concerts.

9th July 2008

Quote: "He's the hardest driving rock star there is today. Congratulations TED. P.S. Send me that seven-foot Kodiak bear rug you promised; you can keep the liver." Aerosmith star Steven Tyler pays tribute to Ted Nugent as the CAT SCRATCH FEVER rocker celebrated his 6,000th show in his native Detroit, Michigan on Friday (04Jul08).

4th July 2008

Quote: You have the freedom to wave your freak flag as high as you want; to aspire as high as you want; to aim high and hit your mark if you're so inspired." Aerosmith star Steven Tyler is proud to be an American on Independence Day (04Jul08).

22nd June 2008

Quote: "The best thing my dad ever taught me when I was a teenager was when he brought me in the bathroom and he made me smell his used dental floss. It was so disgusting, I've flossed ever since then!" Liv Tyler was scared into practicing dental hygiene after seeing the state of her rocker father Steven Tyler's teeth.

26th May 2008

Quote: "He has no idea what my dad does, or that he's famous but I can tell that he thinks there's something special about him. He gets this little extra twinkle in his eye when he's around him." Liv Tyler on her son's relationship with his Aerosmith rocker grandfather Steven Tyler.

1st April 2008

Quote: "It's probably now what you would expect but I'd love to work with Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. Oh, and John Mayer, definitely." American Idol winner Jordin Sparks on her dream collaborations.

29th October 2007

Quote: "What could I do? Run away and smoke a joint, and go to rock concerts for the weekend? That's all they ever did." Actress Liv Tyler insists teenage rebellion was impossible as the daughter of Aerosmith rocker Steve Tyler and socialite BEBE BUELL.

28th September 2007

Quote: "He's very musical. He went to an Aerosmith concert and sat on stage with LIV and loved it." Rocker ROYSTON LANGDON is proud his two-year-old son with Liv Tyler enjoys the music his grandfather Steven Tyler makes with Aerosmith.

21st June 2007

Quote: "There's nothing good about your libido waning, even if it does free you up to do other stuff. And any man who tells you different is a liar. Life is not about hobbies and putting a ship in a bottle. I mean, talk about displacing one thing with another!" Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler dislikes old age for many reasons.

20th June 2007

Quote: "When I look at Joe Perry on stage, I see someone who looks as sculpted as one of his horses." Steven Tyler is inspired by his Aerosmith bandmate's physique.

9th April 2007

Quote: "I like cutting the umbilical cord at my son TAJ's birth... I like smelling placenta." Aerosmith star Steven Tyler dismisses reports rock 'n' roll has prevented him from enjoying fatherhood's magical moments.

27th February 2007

Quote: "I'm looking forward to playing all the new places on this tour. I'm sick of talking to Bono and he telling me all the places that U2 have played that we haven't done. That's why we're doing this tour." Aerosmith frontman Steve Tyler looks forward to performing in Dubai for the first time this summer (06).

26th February 2007

Quote: "People say, 'Isn't the band like a marriage?' It's so much more than that. We may not f**k, but we f**k each other with our music." Aerosmith frontman Steve Tyler describes the band's special relationship.

20th February 2007

Quote: "I fear of coming up with the greatest melody only to find it's something Arctic Monkeys had on their B-side." Rock legend Steven Tyler admits he's scared of being upstaged by younger acts.

1st March 2006

Fact: <p>Britney Spears is hoping to make her next album a star-studded affair by inviting a few celebrity pals to join her in the studio. She says, "Steven Tyler, I love him. That'd be awesome, to do something with him. Gwen Stefani, Lenny Kravitz." </p>

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