Steven Yeun has without a doubt become a household name following his performance as fan favourite character Glenn Rhee in 'The Walking Dead'. Through six full seasons, the character worked his way into the hearts of all those watching, got himself involved in a loving relationship and was even to become a father for the first time. All of that came crashing to an end however when he was killed off in the premiere episode of the show's seventh season, with latest 'Big Bad' Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) bringing his life to an end.

Steven Yeun has starred as Glenn Rhee for six seasons in 'The Walking Dead'Steven Yeun has starred as Glenn Rhee for six seasons in 'The Walking Dead'

In scenes that were too grim for a lot of people watching, the controversy quickly grew surrounding the death. There was no doubt in the minds of any fans however; Glenn was dead beyond all reasonable doubt.

Now though, the actor behind the character is talking about potentially making a return to the comic book-based series.

"I will leave it [a return] open to what makes sense, I wouldn't want anybody to force anything but if it makes sense, then I am totally down," he said in a chat with Australia's Daily Telegraph.

"I owe 'The Walking Dead' my whole start, I was doing theater in Chicago, sketch comedy and improv, and then I moved to Los Angeles and that show opened the door to let me in to the business."

The most obvious way in bringing Glenn back would obviously be through flashbacks. There are a lot of moments that have taken place where we've been following other characters, but Glenn has been up to something completely different that has taken place off screen. These could always be shown if new information could be obtained by viewers if they WERE brought to TV.

Dream sequences may also work; we've seen them placed in the series in the past and, so long as they're not hugely overbearing, they can work very well to serve the show's narrative.

Whatever the case may be, it would be great to see Yeun back on 'The Walking Dead' for a short period of time. We already miss him dearly.

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'The Walking Dead' season 8 is expected to debut this October on AMC in the US and FOX in the UK.