Stevie Nicks believes Prince wanted to romance her.

The Fleetwood Mac singer befriended the singer when he asked her to work with him on his 1984 track 'Purple Rain' and though she felt the song was too ''huge'' for her, they got on well - though she thinks Prince wanted more than friendship.

She said: ''I've still got it [the cassette] - with the whole instrumental track and a little bit of Prince singing, 'Can't get over that feeling', or something.

''I told him, 'Prince, I've listened to this a hundred times but I wouldn't know where to start. It's a movie, it's epic.

''The olive branch of him giving me that cassette was huge, but I think he would have liked a romance with me, too.''

She said she was ''very flattered'' and he picked her up after a Fleetwood Mac show and took her back to his house.

Stevie said: ''We get into his purple Camaro and bomb out onto the freeway at 100mph. I'm terrified, but kind of excited, too.''

However, the 'Rumours' hitmaker insists nothing happened between them.

She added to Mojo magazine: ''I get on the plane and the rest of the band are like [drum fingers, rolls eyes]. I'm like, ''What? Nothing happened.''