Stevie Nicks ''lost eight years'' of her life to prescription medication.

The Fleetwood Mac singer no longer has faith in the medical profession after being prescribed Klonopin, an anti-anxiety drug, to help her from relapsing into cocaine addiction in 1986 but now doesn't think the pills were necessary and can't help but wonder what would have happened in her life if she hadn't had the treatment.

She said: ''I was on Klonopin. It's a tranquiliser. You're tranquil. I stayed home in a really beautiful house, watched a lot of TV, and ordered from Jerry's deli. I went from 125 up to 173 pounds.

''One day I woke up and said, 'This doctor is insane. He's a groupie who wanted to have me come in a couple times a month to talk about rock 'n' roll'. I learned a valuable lesson. Never trust doctors, ever. I called up my best friend and said come get me and take me to a hospital. I spent 45 days there and got over it.

''I had gotten out of Betty Ford [rehab clinic] three months before I went to see him and I was doing great. But everyone was worried I was going to start using cocaine again. So I lost eight years of my life. Think of what could have happened during those eight years. I might have gotten married, I might have had a baby, I certainly would have made more albums.''

Despite many years passing, Stevie, 65, still feels resentment towards the doctor.

Asked if she is still angry, she told the New York Times newspaper: ''If I was driving a car and he was crossing the street I might run over him.''