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13th December 2016

Fact: Tom Petty and his band the Heartbreakers will headline the British Summer Time Festival in London's Hyde Park on 9 July (17) as part of their 40th anniversary tour. They will be supported by Stevie Nicks and The Lumineers. Other headliners include Green Day, Justin Bieber, Kings of Leon, and Phil Collins.

28th October 2015

Quote: "I was sobbing all over her, oh my God. I don't really like crying in front of famous people because it's awkward and it can make them feel really uncomfortable. But I couldn't contain myself." British singer Adele burst into tears when she met Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks.

22nd September 2015

Fact: Foo Fighters performed with surprise guests Stevie Nicks and Haim during a concert in Los Angeles on Monday night (21Sep15).

27th January 2015

Quote: "I'll take a break and move to Paris and live another couple of years there and learn to speak French and go out with some really old guys from Paris that are 102." Stevie Nicks on her plans to live in Europe after Fleetwood Mac call it quits.

27th January 2015

Quote: "I was definitely a performer in another life. Maybe I was in vaudeville or a ballerina. I'm too comfortable onstage." Stevie Nicks channels her past-life when she performs.

26th January 2015

Quote: "With these kind of eyes, you can never, ever do Botox, because... you will look like a freak. I did it once, and it was so awful for, like, four months... You look like some relative that nobody spoke to. You see people my age that just look ghastly... You just want to go, 'Really, stay in your house for four months! Don't come out'." Veteran rocker Stevie Nicks is not a fan of Botox.

7th January 2015

Quote: "I'm super old school. I have a red Nokia flip phone for emergencies. I call it the 'fire phone'. Otherwise, I'll only talk on the phone if I'm near a landline and really have the time.'" Rocker Stevie Nicks prefers to speak to friends, family and colleagues in person.

8th October 2014

Fact: All-girl rock trio Haim have been captured in conversation with Fleetwood Mac legend Stevie Nicks for a feature in The New York Times Style Magazine - and they took the opportunity to record themselves duetting with her on the band's classic track Rhiannon.

9th July 2014

Fact: Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks has been hired as an adviser for coach Adam Levine's team on the U.S. version of Tv talent show The Voice. Nicks will help the aspiring singers choose songs and work on their vocal techniques in preparation for the programme's battle rounds. The seventh season of The Voice premieres this September (14), and also marks the debut of new judges Pharrell WIlliams and Gwen Stefani.

10th April 2014

Fact: Comedian and late night Tv host Jimmy Fallon helped singer Stevie Nicks recreate the video for her 1981 duet with Tom Petty, Stop Draggin' My Heart Around, on Wednesday (09Apr14) by dressing up as the veteran rocker in a blond wig, black blazer and jeans and strumming the guitar as he did his best impression of Petty's vocals.

9th January 2014

Quote: "I just want to put on a fantastic long black dress and have beautiful hair and wind and really high heels. I just want to walk through the beautiful white house and say 'Hello, witches!' So, I get to New Orleans and I get this script and it is not just me walking through... I'm going, 'Do they know that I'm not an actress? Has anybody told them that I've never, ever done anything like this in my whole life?'" Stevie Nicks admits her acting skills were really put to the test on the set of Tv drama American Horror Story: Coven. Her episode aired in America on Wednesday night (08Jan14).

17th April 2013

Quote: "I've already told her she's almost too old. I love her, but she's like, 'I could play your mother.'" Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks thinks actress Reese Witherspoon is too old to play her in a biopic.

14th December 2012

Quote: "When we were there in 2011, I watched it. I watched Beyonce and it was pretty amazing. I'd love to do it. We are coming to the U.K. It's on there, the pre-schedule that they start sending out to you. We have basically 50 shows in the United States and then a little break, then it looks like we are coming to England to do probably seven or eight shows." Rocker Stevie Nicks would love for her band Fleetwood Mac to headline legendary British festival Glastonbury next year (13).

4th December 2012

Quote: "I was her age once, and exactly what happened to her happened to me two or three times, and whoever it was that I was with forgave me all two or three times... When you're young and you've been in a relationship for a long time and something comes along that is a little bit overwhelming and magical, and you're kind of in another situation with someone else... things happen." Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks on pal Kristen Stewart's summer (12) cheating scandal. The actress and her boyfriend Robert Pattinson briefly split after she confessed to an "indiscretion" with her married Snow White & The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

27th September 2012

Fact: Former Eurythmics star Dave Stewart's documentary about FLEETWOOD MAC star Stevie Nicks will premiere at the Hamptons International Film Festival in New York next month (Oct12).

24th February 2012

Fact: Stevie Nicks has signed up for a cameo role in U.S. TV show Up All Night. The singer will play herself.

14th October 2011

Quote: "Nobody is making a movie about my life. When there is a movie about my life being made, everybody will know. And it will be serious. Everybody thinks they are making a movie about my life but it's not true." Stevie Nicks plays down reports Lindsay Lohan is to bring her story to the big screen.

14th September 2011

Fact: Rocker Stevie Nicks has had the same stylist since 1976.

13th September 2011

Quote: "I've never written a song with anybody in my life. I was always very selfish with my songwriting; it was always just me at the piano, tears... and I never really wanted to share that experience, but Dave... I think he's a visionary. He just said to me, 'Darling, if you don't like it, we won't use it.' And that was very freeing... Then I wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings." Rocker Stevie Nicks felt comfortable writing songs with rocker/producer Dave Stewart for her latest album, In Your Dreams.

17th August 2011

Quote: "One of the most thrilling days of my life was visiting the cast of Glee." Rocker Stevie Nicks had a blast with the stars of the hit TV musical earlier this year (11) after making a surprise appearance on set while they were filming a Fleetwood Mac tribute episode.

21st April 2011

Quote: "The Glee album with Gwyneth's Landslide hit number one. Ka-ching, ka-ching. I don't care who sings it. As long as they keep singing it." Stevie Nicks is happy for other artists to cover her songs - because she earns big with royalties.

14th April 2011

Quote: "I have always taken really good care of my skin, even in the bad days... Everybody else goes to bed with their make-up on, not me... and I also stopped laying out in the sun when I was about 30." Stevie Nicks on why she still looks great at 62.

11th February 2011

Fact: Rocker Stevie Nicks wrote new song Moonlight - A Vampire's Dream after watching The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

1st February 2010

Fact: Country music singer Taylor Swift and rock icon Stevie Nicks performed a surprise duet at Sunday night's (31Jan10) Grammy awards. The pair, who have 41 years between them, sang revamped renditions of Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon and Swift's You Belong with Me.

1st April 2009

Quote: "All the Desperate Housewives look like sisters." Rocker Stevie Nicks is convinced the stars of the TV drama have undergone Botox treatments.

20th March 2009

Quote: Sheryl and I not only work together well, but were really good friends. If we ever wanted to go out and do a really cool, folky little rock n roll tour together, we could totally do it. We have the songs. Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks is planning a joint tour with Sheryl Crow.

27th February 2009

Quote: "Instead of treating me like his miserable old ex, he's treating me like his difficult but beloved older daughter. He's been very sweet." Stevie Nicks on her relationship with ex-lover and Fleetwood Mac bandmate Lindsey Buckingham.

27th February 2009

Quote: "I'm all about mystery. Little girls think it's necessary to put all their business on MySpace and Facebook, and I think it's a shame." Stevie Nicks fears community sites on the Internet are ruining the mystery of showbusiness.

23rd February 2009

Quote: "I'm deaf as a doornail." Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks admits she's hard of hearing.

20th February 2009

Quote: "When Mariah Carey was going through all her craziness a few years ago, I wrote her a long letter telling her how everybody else is crazy - not her. I saw her recently, and she told me she keeps the letter with her jewellery ! I love that." Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks.

22nd September 2008

Quote: "If you're bringing someone in just to do CHRISTINE MCVIE's stuff, doesn't that sort of degrade it into kind of a lounge act?" Fleetwood Mac star Lindsey Buckingham on why plans to include Stevie Nicks in the band's 2009 tour plans would never have worked.

17th April 2007

Quote: "They should be shown to all the girls going into rehab - just watch my Behind The Music episodes and learn what not to do." Stevie Nicks suggests Behind The Music specials on herself and Fleetwood MAC should be used as anti-drug films.

2nd April 2007

Quote: "It's the only Fleetwood Mac track on the record and my mom will make money from it again." Stevie Nicks on why she chose to include SILVER SPRINGS on her new greatest hits album.

28th March 2007

Quote: "She doesn't have the luxury of being a crazy rock star because she has kids. When you make the decision to have children... there's a certain part of you that has to settle down. She's just a baby; I hope she can come out of this." Stevie Nicks is praying troubled singer Britney Spears makes a swift recovery.

11th October 2006

Fact: Country superstar Keith Urban joined Sheryl Crow on stage at the Starwood Ampitheatre in Nashville, Tennessee on Sunday (08OCT06). The pair played Crow's IF IT MAKES YOU HAPPY and the Tom Petty/Stevie Nicks duet STOP DRAGGIN' MY HEART AROUND.

25th April 2006

Quote: "One of my favourite songs is DREAMS by that girl with the rough voice... Stevie Nicks." Mary J Blige is a fan of the FLEETWOOD MAC singer.

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