Black music legend Stevie Wonder has encountered racism since his childhood, but never allowed it to affect his life.

The blind star can still remember the first time his colour was used as an insult - and he has maintained the same response ever since.

Wonder says, "I discovered the whole thing of colour when my grandmother passed away in Mobile, Alabama. There were some kids that lived nearby that shouted, 'Hey n**ger.'

"And I remember going, 'What? I'm from Detroit!' And I started throwing rocks, and I hit one of them and he ran and told his mother.

"The thing is, I have never accepted stupidity and ignorance in determining how good I was. If some kid taunted me by saying, 'Oh stinky blind boy, you're a stinky blind boy,' I knew I was blind, but I knew I wasn't stinky."

05/05/2005 13:46