THE WEST WING star Stockard Channing insists she was wrongly portrayed as a drunk in the media when she was charged with drink driving in 2004. The former GREASE star was stopped by California police driving on the hard shoulder of Los Angeles' Hollywood Freeway and pleaded not guilty to two counts of driving under the influence in an LA court last year (APR05). Channing says, "It was Christmas. I went out to dinner with a friend and we had a toast. "I got into the car and there was an accident on the highway. I wound down the window and asked the officer what had happened and he smelt the red wine on my breath. "I want to say for the record that I was 0.11 and the legal limit (in Los Angeles) is 0.08. "They are very strict in LA and so they should be. But to my frustration it got turned into something larger than it was."