THE WEST WING star Stockard Channing has mixed emotions about her recent EMMY nomination - because it means another day of dress fuss and discomfort.

The GREASE star is thrilled to be acknowledged by her peers for her role as First Lady ABBY BARTLET in the hit TV political drama, but she isn't looking to the big day itself in September (03).

She explains, "It all becomes about the damn dress and then you get out there and you've f***ed up the hair. It becomes like prom night and there's no way around it.

"I know there's people who say, 'I just go in the shower and I just get dressed and walk out the door.' Well f*** you!

"I mean you're in the car on the hottest day of the year at three o'clock in the afternoon and there's something poking in your ribs and there's that smell of hairspray.

"Then, there's people staring at you from the outside who are going to go jump in the pool or get a hot fudge sundae and they're dressed in shorts and T-shirts. Sometimes I just wish I was them.

"It's just one of the stupidest days. I mean what a way to spend a beautiful September day. And of course it's very exciting and it's very gratifying at the same time but it's a little weird."

31/07/2003 13:54