Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert Deleo has urged frontman Scott Weiland to seek help for an alleged drug addiction, accusing the rocker of "popping pills".
Weiland, who has previously battled alcohol and drugs, suffered a heroin relapse in late 2007, but recently revealed he had quit taking illegal substances for the sake of his two young children, Noah and Lucy.
He said, "Heroin made me feel all right in my own skin. Before I did it I was uncomfortable going into crowds, which is interesting given my profession. But when I did dope, the fear went away. That's why I hung on to it so long. But my kids fill up that hole now."
But DeLeo has voiced fresh concerns for his pal's health after he reportedly showed up two hours late for a recent photoshoot and interview with U.S. music magazine Spin and requested four glasses of whisky upon his arrival.
And DeLeo insists Weiland should undergo treatment for his personal problems before it affects their promotional plans for their new self-titled album, which is released in the U.S. on Tuesday (25May10).
He tells Spin magazine, "He can't got on tour. He needs help... He thinks he's clean just because he's not shooting heroin. But he's popping pills."