Scott Weiland’s been denying for ages, but there couldn’t have been much more proof that he is back out of the Stone Temple Pilots, after the group made an appearance at a live show with their new singer. It wasn’t just any new singer either, it was one of the biggest rock singers of the past 15 years, in Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington.

"Chester has a one-of-a-kind voice that we've admired for a long time," said Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo to MTV, after the group played a surprise set at KROQ's Weenie Roast over the weekend. "We know Linkin Park will always be his priority, but we thought it would be cool to try something together. We managed to find the time to record a song and we're all really happy with the result."

Bennington is moving quickly with the band too; the group already had a new track on the go with him, the Led Zeppelin-esque stomp of ‘Out Of Time’.

If it sounds like Stone Temple Pilots are getting a good deal here, the ageing rockers getting a man still part of one of the biggest groups in the world to front them, then Chester’s pretty psyched too. He’s apparently been a big fan of STP since he was just 13 years old, and his involvement with the group comes with his Linkin Park bandmates blessing.

Chester Bennington
Chester Bennington is fronting Stone Temple Pilots