Stone Temple Pilots, the band, is pressing on with performances, but former vocalist Scott Weiland isn’t happy. After he split up from bandmates Dean DeLeo, Robert DeLeo and Eric Kretz, Weiland maintains that the band is no longer the same – to the point where it shouldn’t be called Stone Temple Pilots anymore.

The alternative rocker explained himself in a statement on his website earlier this week, USA Today reports. In it, Weiland claimed: "Like any band that's stood the test of time and made music for more than two decades, STP had a special alchemy — the four of us together were greater than any one of us apart. So if my former bandmates want to tour with a new singer, that's their prerogative. ... But it's not Stone Temple Pilots."

His statement comes on the heals of a few gigs that the remaining members of STP performed with Linking Park lead singer Chester Bennington in California recently. Apparently, Weiland thinks the replacement is not only unethical to him, but also dishonest to fans of the band. In the statement, Weiland goes as far to claim that for the members to continue calling themselves Stone Temple Pilots, because “"because [he is] still a member of the band. And more importantly, they don't have the ethical right to call themselves Stone Temple Pilots because it's misleading and dishonest to the millions of fans that have followed us for so many years.”

Scott Weiland, Stone Temple Pilots PerformanceChester Bennington, Linkin Park Performance
Out with the old and in with the new: Bennington has taken Weiland's place, after he was fired in February.