Stormzy says Adele is like “family” to him.

The ‘Hide and Seek’ rapper - whose real name is Michael Owua Jr - was a "fan" of the 'Someone Like You' hitmaker before they became friends and he cherishes the close bond they share now.

He said: "As anyone knows, from before I even knew her, I was a fan."

Asked what happens when they hang out, he told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Real normal conversations that you have with a friend. Nothing headline-grabbing. Just, that's my family. I love her, yeah."

The ‘Vossi Bop’ hitmaker also shared that the Brit Award winner is just as “remarkable” in her personal life as she is in her professional one.

Stormzy said: "I think everyone just knows that the woman they see is as remarkable in real life as when the cameras are rolling.”

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old star promised people will see his "soul" on his upcoming LP, ‘This is What I Mean’.

Stormzy said: "I'm baring my soul. As I always do. I'm excited for everyone to hear the whole album in its entirety. Sit down, put your headphones in and listen, yeah.”

Stormzy previously described performing for Adele at her 30th birthday party four years ago as the "best night of [his] entire life".

Posting snaps from the star-studded 'Titanic'-themed bash on social media, he wrote on Instagram for the 'Throwback Thursday' trend: "WORDS WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH FOR THIS CAPTION BUT #TBT to the best night of my entire life. Came out and surprised my friend Adele at her birthday party. If you know me you know what this meant the absolute world to me. BEST NIGHT EVER. #WordsCantDescribe #StillBuzzing #YesThatIsAdeleDoingGunFingers #DidYouClockHowISaidMyFriendAdele #YesThatsMyRealLifeFriend #WhatHasLifeBecome #ThankYouGod (sic)"