Stormzy, Dave and Bastille are among a host of artists set to feature on producer Fraser T Smith's upcoming Future Utopia album '12 Questions'.

The studio wizard - who teamed up with Stormzy to produce his acclaimed debut album, 'Gang Signs & Prayer', in 2016 - has unveiled his star-studded debut studio effort, which also features the likes of Kano, Ghetts, Tom Grennan, Arlo Parks, as well as former Black Panther, Albert Woodbox, and 'Luther' actor and DJ Idris Elba.

Grime stars Stormzy and Dave feature on the tracks 'How Do We Find Our Truth?' and 'Children Of The Internet', respectively.

The extensive collection - which is comprised of 21 tracks - is ''based on a series of twelve universal, human and urgent questions, each of which is posed by Fraser to a different collaborator.''

As per a press release, it explores: ''Fraser's own anxieties concerning topics such as faith, freedom, race, gender, wealth, equality and ecology. The album runs as a continuous composition, with clear delineation between each of its twelve questions.''

Fraser - who has also produced hits for the likes of Adele and Sam Smith - has admitted it's the ''most ambitious, exciting and terrifying thing'' he's done during his storied career and he described the project as a ''celebration of humanity''.

He explained: ''I made this record not because I could but because I had to - there was no other way to progress. It's the most ambitious, exciting and terrifying thing I've ever done.

Creatively, it's a colourful musical playground - the culmination of everything I've learned over my career, from 70's progressive rock to hip hop. Culturally, it's a celebration of humanity, whilst shining a light on some of the cruel injustices in the world. I'm so proud and humbled by the hugely diverse group of collaborators who have spoken their truths on the album. I hope the answers will enlighten the listeners and stir debate.''

'12 Questions' is released on October 23.

The track-listing for '12 Questions' is:

1. 'Fear Or Faith Pt.1' feat. Alysia Harris

2. 'Promised Land' feat. Mikky Ekko

3. 'Fear Or Faith Pt.2' feat. Idris Elba

4. 'How Much Is Enough?' feat. Kojey Radical

5. 'Million$Bill' feat. Kojey Radical, Easy Life

6. 'Do We Really Care? Pt.1' feat. Tom Grennan, Tia Carys

7. 'Do We Really Care?' Pt.2 feat. Simon Armitage

8. 'What's In A Name?' feat. Bastille

9. 'Why Are We So Divided, When We're So Connected?' feat. Es Devlin

10. 'Children Of The Internet' feat. Dave

11. 'How Do We Find Our Truth?' feat. Stormzy, Beatrice Mushiya

12. 'What's The Cost Of Freedom?' feat. Albert Woodfox

13. 'Freedom' feat. Kano

14. 'Mountain Girl' feat. Ruelle

15. 'Is It Too Late To Save The Planet?' feat. Katrin Fridriks

16. 'What Happens Next? / Way Back When' feat. Lafawndah

17. 'Nature or Nurture?' feat. Jelani Blackman, Ghetts

18. 'What Matters Most?' feat. Arlo Parks

19. 'Stranger In The Night' feat. Arlo Parks

20. 'What Is Love?' feat. Duckworth

21. 'Fear or Faith Pt.3' feat. Alysia Harris