Contestants on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ could be facing gag orders from the BBC, following recent ‘fix’ accusations by dancer Ola Jordan and contestant Jamelia. According to reports, celebrities and professional dancers will now have to sign a clause banning them from giving unauthorised interviews or speaking negatively about the show online.

Ola JordanFormer ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ pro Ola Jordan.

An insider told The Mirror: “Some of the outbursts have been outrageous and completely unfounded, and can’t be allowed to happen again. For people employed by the show to be making such claims is unfair, and won’t be allowed to continue.”

The clause will be included in new contracts for next year’s series. “Existing contracts are outdated and haven’t been properly enforced,” the source added. “All of that is going to change.”

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Last month dancer Ola Jordan, who has now left the show, accused the judging panel of intentionally ‘over-mark’ some contestants. Speaking to The Sun, Jordan said: "In my opinion they know how many votes people scored in the previous weeks and then they try to influence their position on the leader board. Why else would they over-mark someone?”

“Someone could do a dance and mess it up quite badly. Now I know that was a bad dance and there’s no way it’s an eight, but the judge says, ‘That’s amazing’ and gives them an eight or a nine and we go, ‘What the hell’s going on?' Jordan added.

Days later, former contestant Jamelia accused the show of ‘faking’ Peter Andre’s standing ovation to help him stay in the competition. Speaking about the standing ovation Andre was shown to have received Jamelia said: “The honest thing is, he didn’t. But on the show he did.”

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"I love Peter and he has tried so hard and he is a brilliant dancer, maybe the jive just wasn’t for him,” the ‘Loose Women’ presenter added. Both Jamelia and Jordan’s claims have been rebutted by show judge Len Goodman.

Speaking on spin-off show ‘It Takes Two’ Goodman said: “Eleven years I’ve done this show and never has a producer come up to us and said, ‘Mark this person up a bit, we want them to stay in’. They never interfere with our integrity, they never tell us what to say, we are not scripted to say this or that.”