Studio Killers

With a highly anticipated debut album coming up following the success of their quirky dance track 'Ode to the Bouncer', virtual electro-pop group Studio Killers took the time to chat with Contactmusic about their unconventional set up, their alter-egos and live performance possibilities.

Under the aliases Chubby Cherry, Goldie Foxx, Dyna Mink and Bi-Polar Bear, Studio Killers follow in the footsteps of the likes of Gorillaz using their digital avatars in the place of their own bodies for their music videos. But, being so elusive, just how did these guys first meet? 

'We met on the internet after Bi-Polar Bear thought we'd be a good fit creatively', reveals Dyna Mink. However, they don't make a habit of meeting up in person, not having any real need to do so. 'The truth is, it took a year before we met each other', says Chubby Cherry. 'We just worked from a distance until that and actually still do.' 

Even with obvious alter-egos, the musicians are rather evasive when questioned about their 'real identities'. 'I think therefore I am. I've written the entire album from Cherry's 100% female perspective', Cherry explains, with Goldie Foxx adding amusedly, 'I enjoy the suggestion that we are anything other than what people see.' Pretty enigmatic stuff, though they are much more straightforward when describing how people see their album; 'I think people have said it quite well when they've said 'Did my eyes and ears just have sex?'' Cherry says. 

Their upcoming new album could certainly be described as 'ear-gasmic'; it is a clear expression of intent showcasing a set that draws on elements of electro, house, funk, soul and, most importantly, pop to produce a fusion of sound that delivers killer beats, hardcore hooks and contagiously catchy tunes. With tunes of this quality, they are certainly set to be, in Dyna Minx's words, a 'musical epidemic' and we certainly hope they can puzzle out a way to bring their talent to stage. Goldie has his ideas; 'I'm thinking holograms, multiple arenas, themed rooms and cosplay for starters!'

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