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06 June 2014

Interview with Studio Killers June 2014

Interview with Studio Killers June 2014

It's been almost a year since Contact Music caught up with electro-pop pioneers Studio Killers, so as they prepare for re-entry into the real world to realise themselves in physical form, we thought it was timely to do so again. With a very successful twelve months behind them, a string of hits - 'Ode To The Bouncer', 'Eros & Apollo' and 'Jenny' - and with the anniversary of their debut album imminent, our favourite (as yet) animated artists are busy bringing their unique creation to life. This summer will see Cherry, Goldie Foxx, Dyna Mink and Bi-Polar Bear emerge from the edges of cyber-space onto the stage as they make their live debut. The outskirts of Finland's oldest city, Turku, will be the springboard for their live adventure where Studio Killers will perform at two festivals, Ruisrock and then Ilosaarirock, this July.

Studio Killers have joined forces with event specialists Immersive Ltd to create a live show to remember as they perform their blend of infectious and mesmeric electronica. The whole experience is set to be a lavish extravaganza full of excitement and surprise that will leave audiences spellbound. So before Studio Killers metamorphasize from their pixelated presence into physical entities, Contact Music found out just how it's all set to happen.

Contactmusic:  When Studio Killers were conceived, was it always just a matter of timing before you performed live or has the inspiration come more recently?
Cherry: It was always the aim. As is world domination. But no one gets anywhere alone; assimilating an army takes time.
Dyna Mink: You always dream that you're going to perform live, but it's all dependent on the success you have as a band.
Goldie Foxx: I have always looked at 'going live' as being the major step we need to take in order to reach more people with Studio Killers. Plus, it's an excuse for us to play with some amazing new toys.

CM; Can you tell us anything about how you are going to transform from animated characters into a real live band?
C: Sir, I am a real girl. Let's not give me a Pinocchio complex. But the fact is, that putting on a spectacular show takes a lot of time, equipment and effort. This is why we are holding a Kickstarter. The more financial help we get, the more we can accomplish and the more spectacular it will be. Great stuff takes great effort.
DM: I thought it was impossible, or do you know someone who can do that? Please hook us up if you know someone.
GF: Our 'transformation' will make Optimus Prime look antique.

CM: How much of the stage show will incorporate the art and artistry of your creations?
C: That's pretty much the show right there!

CM: Tell us about the work you have done with Immersive to help bring Studio Killers to life. Who are they, what have they done and how did they help realise the dream of transforming you from the screen to the stage?
C: Immersive have done amazing gigs. Worked with Eric Prydz, Deadmau5, and this thing called the Olympics. The fact is, they know their stuff. We wouldn't want to go out there without the right kind of specialists. That could be incredibly costly. With Immersive, it will be pretty sparkly because they have special magical tools. To be honest, they won't let me press any of the buttons. Which makes me question how vast their powers really are.
GF: The Finnish shows are now in development with Immersive which is exciting. Over the next month or so, we'll see it grow into the live show using all sorts of new technology they are both developing themselves and also getting from some very forward thinking specialists. They share our vision for taking Studio Killers live, which makes us very lucky to be working with them.

CM: Did Finland feel like the right place to launch a live Studio Killers set given the success you've had there? 
C: Yep.
BiPolar Bear: Due to our chart successes in Finland, it made sense to start our live campaign there.
DM: Kyllä!
GF: Launching in Finland means we can start with a bang and set the scene for how we wish to continue with our live show

CM: What can the first festival audiences expect from your first live performances?
C: You will have to show up to find out. Or wait till we air it on our YouTube page.
BPB: Me. On the door.
GF: For want of a better expression, we'd like to immerse them into our world.

CM: Are you going to be premiering any new material in your live set?
C: Yes, we are.
DM: We'll be throwing one or two new tracks into the set. We'll be previewing them before the gigs as one of our Kickstarter rewards.
GF: As you may have worked out, with one album to our name, we didn't have enough material to fill a one hour show. With that in mind, we have been working on several new tracks (the first of which being 'Grande Finale'). There may be one or two musical surprises in our show too.

CM: You're on the bill with some big acts over the two dates, David Guetta, The OffSpring, Suede, Phoenix and Portishead to name but a few, but who are Studio Killers most looking forward to sharing a stage with?
C: I'm a big fan of the band on before us, so they can hurry up and get off stage and give us more time to set up and do our thing.
BPB: As long as my band are top of the bill, I'm happy.
GF: I'm a big fan of Phoenix (we're suckers for anything French music-wise) and Portishead, but I think Cherry's looking forward to bonding with Lily Allen. Bastille should be great too, but we're also intrigued as to what Monsieur Guetta will make of us.

CM: Rumours are rife of a string of secret gigs prior to your festival dates, can you shed any light on these rumours?
C: Dammit, now we'll have to kill you.
DM: Really?! Let me know, as no-one tells me anything anymore.
GF: Sorry, could you repeat that question? A bit deaf these days.

CM: Contact Music believes you are wanting to take your show global following your summer shows. How is that going to happen and where do you want to go?
C: Well, the US is a place where half of our fan base is at. So going there is the natural progression. But obviously, we really should get big in Japan. So that we can have an epic monster battle between me and Miku.
DM: If the show is received well, our plans are to take it round the world so that all our fans can see us.
GF: There are certain complications for us with international travel, but assuming Dyna Mink's microchip isn't a problem, our show should be surprisingly portable. This will make it easier to travel further and to more destinations. Once we have our Finnish shows in the bag, we'll use the recording of those shows to speak to agents about spreading our 'live' net. As Cherry says, much of our fan base is in the US, but we'd also like to start visiting other countries where we have a big following; Canada, Denmark, Germany, the UK and Mexico, for example.

CM: When are you launching your Kickstarter campaign and what can fans expect from it?
C: It will be a great adventure for us, and hopefully our fans. As well as this wonderful moment to tap into some really great rewards for helping us out. Concretely, we'll be offering original art and some unique once in a life time opportunities to be part of Studio Killers.
BPB: I'm hoping to be making a lot of trips to the post office.
GF: It has taken a surprisingly long time to set up our Kickstarter campaign, but we wanted to make sure that it was a watertight fundraising project and for our fans to feel that it was the right thing to do.

CM: The excitement in the Studio Killers camp is electric, can July not come soon enough?
C: Time should really stop and have a little bite to eat or something, if you ask me. I have a lot of stuff to take care of before we get there.
GF: It is (luckily) some way off still, as we have a lot to do. Musically, we're just about there, but need to start rehearsing. We're fortunate to have partners like Immersive who can work to these kind of deadlines and timetables!

CM: Is the world ready for Studio Killers live? What do you think your fans are most going to love about your live shows and what's the one thing you can tell us that you love about your set?
C: The best part is the fact that seeing and hearing the music in this new way should be a completely unique experience, and something that will take it all to another level.
DM: We hope that they'll enjoy all the hard work and effort that has gone into it.
GF: The sheer scale of it still astounds me, both literally and figuratively!

CM: Finally, what if? What if you don't like life in the real world? Are the changes you're about to unleash on us reversible? Can you slip between the matrix of real and imagined with ease? Can you be re-animated?
C: Oh yes. All I need is an invite, and even without one I've been known to sneak in through a window or two.
BPB: I'd like to be animated in the first place.
GF: Our stage environment will make us feel at home and will be as real an environment as any we will ever encounter. I am always frustrated by the limitations of a three dimensional existence.
DM: Do you know HG Wells? Wow, you guys are really hooked up at Contact Music!

Studio Killers first official live performance will take place on July 4th in Turku, Finland at Ruisrock Festival. Their Kickstarter campaign is launched on June 2nd and can be found at HERE
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