Mutya Keisha Siobhan were ''emotional'' when they sang together for the first time in over 10 years.

The trio were in Sugababes together until 2001 before recently regrouping under their new name, and although they were nervous about their first sessions, they went well.

Siobhan Donaghey said: ''You never know if that magic is still going to be there. If it's not going to be as magical as the first time around you don't really want to do it, do you.

''The minute we sang together, we looked at each other, and we knew. It just worked.''

Mutya Buena added: ''It was emotional.''

Keisha Buchanan said: ''It was so special to be excited about hearing our voices together, and being excited about our music.''

The group - who were just 16 when they originally got together - are excited about their new material, which includes tracks 'Too In Love' and 'Love Me Hard', and can't wait to release it later this year.

Keisha added: ''On my days off I'd go home and I'd listen to the tracks. I'd be like, 'I'm really enjoying this'. I just enjoyed our music.''

Siobhan, who has released two solo albums since leaving Sugababes, added: ''For me, it's the first time in years that I've been excited about even attempting a music project. I'm super-excited.''

Mutya Keisha Siobhan have yet to announce a release date for any new material.