A Los Angeles' judge has ruled that rap mogul Suge Knight should stand trial for murder, even though a key witness has refused to identify him in court. The Death Row Records founder was arrested back in January and has been in custody ever since, with his bail set at $10 million.

Suge KnightSuge Knight will stand trial for murder.

The Associated Press reports that Cle "Bone" Sloan, one of the men Knight’s accused of running over, had told police at the time of the incident that it was the 49 year driving the vehicle that struck him and the deceased, Terry Carter. However, when Sloan testified in April, he would not say that Knight ran them over.

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Knight's attorney Thomas Mesereau had said the judge should reject Sloan's testimony because he had changed his story, thus damaging his credibility. But Superior Court Judge Stephen A. Marcus reportedly disagreed with Mesereau, telling the court, “He doesn't say that it's not him."

Judge Marcus is also said to have called the volatile history of Knight and Sloan’s relationship, a "soap opera," adding, "The only person who had a motive was Suge Knight." Sloan is said to have told detectives he repeatedly punched Knight through the window of his pickup moments before he was run over. Investigators also believe that after running over Sloan, Knight then ran over and killed 55 year old Terry Carter.

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The rap mogul has faced numerous health problems since his arrest in January, including collapsing in the courtroom during a hearing in March. His lawyers are reportedly now seeking to have his bail, which has been set at $10 million reduced. But they'll be facing an uphill battle as at the time of his arrest Knight already had a pretty lengthly criminal record, including prior felony convictions for armed robbery and assault with a gun.