Although it was widely reported that the authorities were reviewing CCTV footage of an incident in which Suge Knight allegedly ran over and killed a man as well as injuring another person in Compton, Calif. last week, there isn't a surveillance video available.

Suge Knight
Knight was charged with murder after running over a man late last week

The fatal hit-and-run occurred last Thursday on the set of a film project at Tam's Burgers in the Southern California city, but the food joint's manager has reportedly told the New York Daily News that all of the security cameras are "broken."

Furthermore, TMZ reports that CCTV cameras for a Wells Fargo, a Louisiana Fried Chicken joint, and a Rite Aid store do not face the parking lot of Tam's Burgers, meaning Knight may not be prosecuted for the murder of the man he ran over, Terry Carter.

The incident begun after Knight first arrived on the set of the commercial, which Ice-Cube and Dr. Dre were involved with, but was quickly turned away by security. He then got into a physical altercation with two men, who were the instigators, eye witnesses have said.

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Carter, who is apparently a friend of the rap music mogul and arrived on the scene with him, was allegedly walking towards the passenger door of Knight's vehicle but he was at the rear when Knight put it into reverse. The other injured man has been named as actor Cle "Bone" Sloane, who has appeared in 'Training Day' and 'End Of Watch,' fortunately his injuries were not life threatening.

After Knight was charged with murder on Friday (Jan 30th), the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's Lt. John Corina confirmed to Billboard on Saturday that Sloan and Knight argued and then exchanged punches through the open window of his vehicle.

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Knight then backed up his truck, knocking Sloan down and running over Carter. "Then he puts the truck in drive, drives forward, running over him, and then keeps going forward and keeps on driving, and runs over Carter, who is standing in the parking lot, and keeps on going after that," Corina said.

Police are now looking for any mobile phone footage or anyone that captured the incident on camera.