The former Death Row Records boss has been hospitalised several times since he was charged with murder and attempted murder in February (15) for allegedly hitting and killing Terry Carter and injuring actor Cle 'Bone' Sloan with his car as he raced away from a Los Angeles film set.

The nature of his current illness remains unknown, but he has been struggling with his health since he was shot multiple times in a nightclub last year (14). Doctors want to perform a scan on his brain but the procedure would be affected by a bullet fragment lodged in Knight's skull.

Medics are now hoping to remove the piece, which has remained in Knight's head since the 1996 drive-by shooting which killed rapper Tupac Shakur, but the music mogul's attorney Matthew Fletcher tells his client is opposed to the procedure as he fears the operation will kill him.

Knight pleaded not guilty to the charges last month (Apr15) and his trial is set to begin in July (15).

Shakur was shot six times during the drive-by shooting in Las Vegas and died six days later. A bullet grazed Knight's head during the tragic incident.