Suki Waterhouse doesn't want to have kids yet.

The British model famed for her romance with actor Bradley Cooper - who she split up with after two years together - once said how she wanted to have children at a young age, but after a ''tough time'' her plans have changed and she wants to go ''mad'' for a while and live the life of a normal 23-year-old.

Asked if she still wants kids in her 20's, she said: ''I think I've changed my mind about that. I think it's incredible, but I've had a bit of a tough time.''

The blonde beauty also admitted she is ''thankful'' her modeling career didn't happen until much later because she wouldn't have been able to ''handle it''.

She told Style magazine: ''I wouldn't have been able to handle it. [I] was mental, absolutely mental. Experimental, very rebellious.''

Despite her instant success in the modelling world, which was ''perfect at that point'', Suki believes ''success'' is ''living and being my age''.

She added: ''I was a very angry teenager, that's why when it came along it was like, 'Yes! I can go and work and make money and get out of my house and be in the adult world, which is what I so desperately wanted to do. It was perfect at that point. I'm just going to do some mad stuff. It's about living and being my age. That's what success is.''