British-American historical fictional television series 'The White Princess' is currently impressing audiences in the US on network Starz, based on the Philippa Gregory novel of the same name which was originally released in 2013. As a sequel to BBC-produced miniseries 'The White Queen', the eight episodes of the series examines the marriage of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, which went some way to ending the Wars of the Roses by uniting the Lancaster and York houses.

Though it hasn't yet got a UK broadcaster, we expect the show will soon be coming to British shores. Before then, get ahead of the crowd and find out who's playing five of the biggest characters the series has to offer...

Jodie Comer as Princess Elizabeth

Jodie Comer stars as Princess Elizabeth in the seriesJodie Comer stars as Princess Elizabeth in the series

Having starred in the likes of 'My Mad Fat Diary' and BBC Three miniseries 'Thirteen', Jodie Comer returns to the small screen here in perhaps her most challenging role to-date. Playing the queen consort of England, we'll see her character struggle in a marriage that neither she or her husband really want to be a part of. Despite being forced into a relationship of uniting York and Lancaster, she realises she can hold a power over Henry when she falls pregnant. Though on the outside she may look to be the dutiful wife and future mother, she plots with her mother against the Tudors...

Jacob Collins-Levy as Henry VII

Jacob Collins-Levy impresses as King Henry VIIJacob Collins-Levy impresses as King Henry VII

Henry VIII may be the most talked about member of the historic Tudor house, but that doesn't mean Henry VII was any less exciting. Here, we'll see Jacob Collins-Levy engage in some of the most tense and dramatic scenes whilst playing the King, being forced to survive assassination attempts and constantly suspecting his wife Elizabeth of plotting against him. 

Rebecca Benson as Margaret Platagenet

Rebecca Benson is Margaret PlatagenetRebecca Benson is Margaret Platagenet

As the daughter of George, Duke of Clarence, Rebecca Benson returns to TV following roles in 'Vera' and 'Shetland'. This isn't her first drama in this vein, having starred alongside Michael Fassbender in 2015 Shakespeare adaptation, 'Macbeth'. That however is a work of fiction, whilst the events here are historical. Don't expect this Margaret to sit by while her family's future is at stake; this role is one a lot darker than any might first imagine.

Suki Waterhouse as Cecily of York

Suki Waterhouse stars as Cecily of YorkSuki Waterhouse stars as Cecily of York

Sister to the Queen, Cecily of York will be by her sister's side through some of the toughest times in her life. The hugely popular Suki Waterhouse steps into this role; but will she be a sibling that's there for her sister, or one who will stab her in the back to further progress her own status and level of power?

Michelle Fairley as Margaret Beaufort

Michelle Fairley takes on the role of Margaret BeaufortMichelle Fairley takes on the role of Margaret Beaufort

Whilst many know her from 'Game of Thrones', Michelle Fairley is an incredibly seasoned actress. Now she stars as Margaret Beaufort, otherwise known as King Henry VII's mother; a woman who is willing to go to the extremes to protect her family from outer forces that would cause them harm. We won't spoil exactly what she gets up to, but it all makes for hugely compelling viewing.

The OA star Patrick Gibson in The White PrincessThe OA star Patrick Gibson in The White Princess