Review of April Album by Sun Kil Moon

Album review for April by Sun Kil Moon released through Caldo Verde.

Sun Kil Moon April Album

Sun Kil Moon's first album 'Ghosts of The Great Highway' is one of the most wonderful listens, five years on from its release and it's still going strong. Mark Kozelek is the man behind the band, the band write deliciously lush, gorgeous songs. Kozelek's other band 'Red House Painters' are often labelled as very straight-laced, Sun Kil Moon has added a whole new dimension to Kozelek's music, the addition of great melody and an essence of day dreaming.

April doesn't quite deliver with the splendour of Ghosts, but you do find an album full of fantastic musicianship, the tracks appear to be slightly more restrained, and slightly darker. The songs unfold graciously with time, April is certainly an album that's to be listened to as a full entity.

Rating 8/10

Mike Rea

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