While we’re on the subject of Super Bowl ads, which we will be for a few days to come, let’s talk Budweiser. Why? Because puppies. Apparently the beer brand is taking the NFL’s pledge to tone down the racy ads to heart. Obviously the other surefire way to win the hearts of the nation is through shameless exploitation of cute animals.

Prepare for some serious adorable-ness below.

The TV spot, produced by ad agency Anomaly, is a sequel to last year’s Brotherhood. It’s bound to get you just as teary-eyed. It’s once again set at the ranch where the Budweiser raises its famous Clydesdale horses. In the beginning we see a tiny labrador pup from a nearby puppy adoption center befriend one of the horses. As the horse... carer person (Don Jeanes) keeps returning the puppy to the owner of the center (actress Melissa Keller), the little fella just keeps coming back. Eventually, the lab puppy gets adopted by some city slicker – you know you don’t like him because of the sunglasses and the smartphone. The story doesn’t end there though. As the man is driving away, our favorite Clydesdale organises a full-blown horse riot and rescues his fluffy little friend. The entire thing plays out to the tune of Let Her Go by Passenger and in the end, the hashtag #bestbuds is revealed. Basically, it gives you feels – maybe not a craving for beer, but those Anomaly advertisers are pretty clever.

Best Buds is only one of two Budweiser ads to be introduced during this year’s Super Bowl – the other being A Hero’s Welcome, which is about the parade the company gave 1st Lt. Chuck Nadd when he returned home from a tour in Afghanistan in early January.